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Accidents Main Event: Bay Area Skies Filled ...
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B. 10-12 Person killed after shooting San Francisco
2. 10-12 Shelter-in-place warning after fire San Carlos
3. 10-12 Hit with 480-volt at Linear Accelerator Stanford
10-12 Bay Area Skies Filled with Smoke and Haze Bay Area
F. 10-12 3rd-quarter profit nearly quadruples Yahoo
G. 10-12 Profit gains despite weak PC demand Intel
H. 10-12 Peterson trial delayed Redwood City
I. 10-12 Sausage factory case: Closing arguments Oakland Downtown
J. 10-12 Bonds 700th homer to hit auction block San Francisco


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Morning News

Oct.12   San Francisco   Person killed after shooting  No one has been arrested

  San Carlos Shelter-in-place warning after fire  Fire officials have issued the warning for people with respiratory problems after fire has continued to emit smoke

  Stanford Hit with 480-volt at Linear Accelerator  A contract worker is suffering second- and third-degree burns when an arc shot out, ignited his clothes

Day News

  Bay Area   Bay Area Skies Filled with Smoke and Haze
  A fast-moving Rumsey wildfire in the far reaches of the North Bay in Napa and Yolo counties

  Yahoo   3rd-quarter profit nearly quadruples
  Internet giant's profit is reflecting a continued boom in online advertising. Company earned $253.3 million

  Intel   Profit gains despite weak PC demand
  Driven by record sales of server and mobile microprocessors, 3rd-quarter profits rose 15%

  Redwood City     Peterson trial delayed
  Judge Delucchi said the delay was the result of 'legal issues.' Prosecutors asked for the delay to prepare a rebuttal to photos

  Oakland Downtown   Sausage factory case: Closing arguments  A prosecutor said that Stuart Alexander warned at 7 people he was going to shoot meat inspectors

  San Francisco     Bonds 700th homer to hit auction block  The attorney Daniel Horowitz said the ball would be placed on Overstock.com, with bids beginning at $1

  eBay   Problems with PayPal persist for 5th day  Despite furious repair efforts, outages are still affecting payments, log-ins and account creations

  UC Berkeley   Cal wideout Lyman has surgery  Chase Lyman will miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery to repair a torn ligament

  SF Sunset   Two Boys Accused of Arson  The sixth grade and seventh grade students were in custody for allegedly starting a grassfire near Hoover Middle School

  San Francisco Levi's posts quarterly profit  Struggling jeans maker earned $46.6 million and reversed a year-ago loss in its latest quarter despite a drop in sales

Evening News

  East Palo Alto Stabbed and kidnapped for ransom  Police are seeking 3 suspects who allegedly stabbed a 42-year-old and kidnapped him after a traffic accident

  Novato 'Unusual' fire displaced 4 people  4,000-square foot single-family residence was 90% involved in the fire

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