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10-07 $40,000 ceramic mural with misspellings Livermore
C. 10-07 Clorox, Henkel in $2.8 billion deal Oakland
D. 10-07 Vehicle flips 4 times, man killed Oakland
E. 10-07 Schwarzenegger Rallies Against Gaming San Jose
F. 10-07 Gallon of regular unleaded $2.34 San Francisco
G. 10-07 Chip-maker reports higher quarter sales AMD
7. 10-07 CSH may become Cal State East Bay Hayward
8. 10-07 World Cyber Games SF Downtown
J. 10-07 Family of 4 displaced after fire East Oakland


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Morning News

Oct.7   Livermore   $40,000 ceramic mural with misspellings
  The mural was unveiled outside the city's new library with misspellings of Einstein, Shakespeare, Van Gogh

  Oakland Clorox, Henkel in $2.8 billion deal  The stock swap and cash deal, in which Henkel will sell back its 29% ownership stake in Clorox in return for $2.1b in cash

  Oakland Vehicle flips 4 times, man killed  39-year-old Norberto Agulto lost control of his Ford Bronco and crashed near the Rockridge BART Station

Day News

  San Jose     Schwarzenegger Rallies Against Gaming
  A year after he was elected governor, Arnold campaigns against two Indian gambling propositions

  San Francisco   Gallon of regular unleaded $2.34  Bay Area gas prices jumped 2 to 3 cents just overnight

  AMD Chip-maker reports higher quarter sales  Advanced Micro Devices posted a 30% increase in sales and a third-quarter profit as demand for its microprocessors grow

  Hayward CSH may become Cal State East Bay  California State University is looking to expand its image as a regional institution

  SF Downtown World Cyber Games  About 700 people from all over the world try to earn money by playing video game

Evening News

  East Oakland Family of 4 displaced after fire  A next-door neighbor may have helped rescue the family from their burning house

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