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B. 09-01 Salon allegedly front for prostitution San Jose Downtown
2. 09-01 40 city workers lose jobs to trim budget Oakland City Hall
09-01 Swimmer Shows Off Cluster of Medals UC Berkeley
E. 09-01 Search Dog Evidence Under Attack Redwood City
F. 09-01 Deadly Hit and Run Crash was struck by, East San Jose
6. 09-01 Court reinstates shareholder class action Oracle
7. 09-01 eBay to acquire South Korean company eBay
8. 09-01 Founder of LeapFrog resigned Emeryville
J. 09-01 2 shot shot in the, East Oakland


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Morning News

Sep.1   San Jose Downtown   Salon allegedly front for prostitution  A temporary restraining order has been issued against the property owner and operators of the Fuji Salon & Spa

  Oakland City Hall 40 city workers lose jobs to trim budget  Most worked for the city's Public Works Agency and Police Department, and earned $16 to $22 an hour

Day News

  UC Berkeley   Swimmer Shows Off Cluster of Medals
  Natalie Coughlin displayed her two golds, two silvers, and one bronze from the Athens Olympics

  Redwood City     Search Dog Evidence Under Attack  Geragos is cross-examining a search dog handler who says one of her dogs picked up Laci's scent at the Berkeley Marin

  East San Jose   Deadly Hit and Run Crash Map of was struck by San Jose  A woman in her 60's was walking across Tully Road when she was struck by a minivan. The crash shut down the road

  Oracle Court reinstates shareholder class action  Citing suspicious insider stock sales, an appeals court reinstated a lawsuit filed by angry shareholders against Oracle

  eBay eBay to acquire South Korean company  The Internet auction giant would purchase nearly 3 million publicly held shares of Internet Auction Co.

Evening News

  Emeryville Founder of LeapFrog resigned  Michael Wood resigned as chief creative officer of the educational toy maker and was replaced by Thomas Kalinske

  East Oakland 2 shot  Two people are in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being shot in the 88th Avenue

  Pac Bell Park Rockies 4, Giants 1  Wright allowed a run and 4 hits in 7 innings

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