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Sports Main Event: Peterson jurors shown aut...
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B. 09-15 Tauscher embarks on mission to Iraq Walnut Creek
C. 09-15 Talks with union hotel workers San Francisco
09-15 Peterson jurors shown autopsy photos Redwood City
4. 09-15 Bonds 0-fer in hunt for 700 Giants
5. 09-15 Rangers Pitcher Appears in Court Oakland
6. 09-15 Injured A's fan to seek compensation Oakland
7. 09-15 Rangers 10, A's 3 Coliseum
I. 09-15 Researchers accused of animal mistreating UCSF


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Morning News

Sep.15   Marin County   Controlled burn, fire contributed to smoke  A 60-acre controlled burn and a fire in Tiburon both contributed to the smoke that people in SF have been noticing

  Walnut Creek Tauscher embarks on mission to Iraq  Ellen Tauscher and five other members of Congress departs on a bipartisan fact- finding mission

  San Francisco Talks with union hotel workers  UNITE HERE Local 2 voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike if negotiations fail

Day News

  Redwood City     Peterson jurors shown autopsy photos
  Jurors winced and glanced away as they looked at photos of Laci's badly decomposed body cast in larger-than-life images

  Giants     Bonds 0-fer in hunt for 700  Giants beat Brewers

  Oakland   Rangers Pitcher Appears in Court  Frank Francisco made a court appearance for throwing a chair at an A's fan

Evening News

  Oakland   Injured A's fan to seek compensation  Jennifer Bueno, 41, whose nose was broken when Texas reliever threw a chair, plans to seek compensation for her injuries

  Coliseum Rangers 10, A's 3  Teixeira snapped a 6th-inning tie with a 3-run homer

  UCSF Researchers accused of animal mistreating  Federal regulators have accused the University of mistreating animals used in experiments over a 3-year period

  Willow Glen 2,700 people without power  A car knocked down a power pole in Willow Glen area

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