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Accidents Main Event: Peterson Case Focuses ...
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09-22 Peterson Case Focuses on Baby's Body Redwood City
2. 09-22 Complains About Tap Water Oakland
3. 09-22 Cable car shutdown SF Downtown
E. 09-22 Giants 5, Astros 1 Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

Sep.22   Antioch   Man shot to death on way to work  Matthew Stephens, 20, was shot at about 4:30 a.m.

Day News

  Redwood City     Peterson Case Focuses on Baby's Body
  Testimony in the double-murder case returned to the question of when Conner Peterson died

Evening News

  Oakland   Complains About Tap Water
  A strong chemical smell and taste to the water was related to changes in the operation of the Claremont Tunnel

  SF Downtown   Cable car shutdown  Thousands of tourists were left disappointed after a frayed cable line prompted a shutdown of one of the popular routes

  Pac Bell Park Giants 5, Astros 1  Lowry tossed a 5-hitter for his 2nd career complete game

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