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Business Main Event: Alleged kidnapper told ...
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09-23 Alleged kidnapper told to stop letters San Jose
C. 09-23 Deadly drive-by shooting Oakland
3. 09-23 Man sues Southwest Oakland
4. 09-23 subsidiary be open indefinitely eBay
F. 09-23 Detective Lists Reasons to Arrest Scott Redwood City
6. 09-23 Commerce One down to last gasp Pleasanton
H. 09-23 Astros 7, Giants 3 Pac Bell Park
I. 09-23 2-alarm fire burned 2 homes Discovery Bay


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Morning News

Sep.23   San Jose   Alleged kidnapper told to stop letters
  Curtis Dean Anderson, accused of killing Xiana Fairchild, was ordered to stop sending letters to the aunt of the slain girl

Day News

  Oakland   Deadly drive-by shooting
  Witnesses say that the shooting that killed Greshanda Williams, 16, was in retaliation for another slaying last week

  Oakland   Man sues Southwest  A passenger is claiming its employees humiliated him when they asked him to buy a second seat because he was too large

  eBay subsidiary be open indefinitely  Executives decided to keep the site open because it still generates revenue and brings customers to eBay

  Redwood City     Detective Lists Reasons to Arrest Scott  The jury in the Peterson case heard that police had 5 reasons to arrest Scott Peterson in San Diego on April 18, 2003

  Pleasanton Commerce One down to last gasp  An Internet software maker valued at $20 billion in 2000, is poised to go out of business as a pauper

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park Astros 7, Giants 3  Berkman delivered a critical 3-run homer

  Discovery Bay 2-alarm fire burned 2 homes  The fire was likely caused by 'spontaneous combustion'. It did about $650,000 in damage

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