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Sports Main Event: Defense explains Scot sus...
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B. 09-27 2 in custody for robbery Richmond
09-27 Defense explains Scot suspicious behavior Redwood City
3. 09-27 Man who caught Bonds' 700th homer sued San Francisco
4. 09-27 Report: Bonds tested for steroids San Francisco
F. 09-27 Fire Destroys Church West Oakland
G. 09-27 Web site gets facelift Yahoo
7. 09-27 A's 6, Mariners 5 Coliseum
I. 09-27 Schwab Prepares to Cut Hundreds Jobs Schwab


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Morning News

Sep.27   Richmond 2 in custody for robbery  Harold Reed, 30, and Charles Allums, 46, were spotted breaking into Adela's Videoteca

Day News

  Redwood City     Defense explains Scot suspicious behavior
  The lead detective backed up defense theory that the pregnant schoolteacher had planned to walk the couple's dog

  San Francisco   Man who caught Bonds' 700th homer sued
  Timothy Murphy said Steve Williams stole the historic blast from him during a melee in the bleachers at SBC Park

  San Francisco     Report: Bonds tested for steroids  Barry hopes his random test last week will remove suspicion that he uses performance-enhancing drugs

  West Oakland   Fire Destroys Church  The Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple was part of the Peralta district for more than 60 years

  Yahoo Web site gets facelift  Internet powerhouse to highlights some of the features that the company has been improving during the past year

Evening News

  Coliseum A's 6, Mariners 5  Durazo's fly ball in the 9th inning was misplayed into a double

  Schwab Schwab Prepares to Cut Hundreds Jobs  The layoff notices are going out in the area of Schwab technology, including people who run Schwab's website

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