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Crime Main Event: Hotel workers begin two-we...
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B. 09-29 Professor awarded MacArthur Fellowship Stanford
C. 09-29 Woman and her 4-year-old son disappear Napa
09-29 Hotel workers begin two-week strike San Francisco
4. 09-29 Teen Found Strangled in Park John McClaren Park, SF Bayview
F. 09-29 700th ball kept from auction block San Francisco
6. 09-29 Defense: doubt with multiple theories Redwood City
H. 09-29 Salesforce: another online service San Francisco
8. 09-29 Two Dogs Thrown from Car San Francisco
J. 09-29 Padres knock Giants from wild-card lead Giants


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Morning News

Sep.29   Stanford Professor awarded MacArthur Fellowship  Daphne Koller, associate professor of computer science, will receive a $500,000 grant over five years

  Napa Woman and her 4-year-old son disappear  The car was found abandoned in the traffic lane of U.S. Highway 395

Day News

  San Francisco   Hotel workers begin two-week strike
  Cooks, housekeepers, bellboys at 4 hotels began a noisy action that could spread to other venues and discourage visitors

  SF Bayview   Teen Found Strangled in Park
Map of John McClaren Park San Francisco
  Maxina Danner, 17, Lincoln High School student, was found strangled in John McClaren Park, wrapped in a blanket

  San Francisco   700th ball kept from auction block  A judge delayed a hearing on Barry Bonds' 700th home run ball is, giving lawyers on both sides time to make their cases

  Redwood City Defense: doubt with multiple theories  Peterson's lawyers are accusing police of narrowly focussing on their client while ignoring other possible leads

  San Francisco Salesforce: another online service  A subscription service will enable companies to run their customer call centers without installing complicated programs

  San Francisco Two Dogs Thrown from Car  A man apparently tossed two Chihuahuas from a speeding car

Evening News

  Giants   Padres knock Giants from wild-card lead  San Francisco lost both the wild-card lead and right fielder Mohr in a 4-3, 10-inning loss to the San Diego

  Coliseum   A's fall to Mariners, give up first place  Mariners sent the Athletics into second place in the AL West with a 4-2 victory

  SF Castro Nude sunbather dies after bar fight  Jay Carbone, 52, bar has died after getting into a fight with a patron who complained in the terrace of a Castro District

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