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Accidents Main Event: Sharks Force Swimming ...
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1. 09-03 Hurricane in Florida affecting flights OAK
2. 09-03 Woman killed in accident South San Jose
09-03 Sharks Force Swimming Ban at Stinson Marin County
E. 09-03 Big Drug Bust San Francisco
5. 09-03 Grass fire near PG&E substation San Mateo
6. 09-03 West Nile virus confirmed in city SF Presidio
H. 09-03 Bonds belts 697 as Giants rout D'backs Pac Bell Park
8. 09-03 Mountain lion reported by 5 people East San Jose


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Morning News

Sep.3   OAK   Hurricane in Florida affecting flights  Jet Blue and Southwest, have both decided not to make scheduled stops in Ft. Lauderdale

  South San Jose Woman killed in accident  35-year-old lost control of her silver Ford Probe and struck a tree

Day News

  Marin County   Sharks Force Swimming Ban at Stinson
  A white shark sighting forced the beach to close to swimmers

  San Francisco   Big Drug Bust  12 alleged crack cocaine dealers were caught with a quarter-million dollars worth of narcotics

  San Mateo Grass fire near PG&E substation  A fire has not damaged any PG&E equipment, but more than 6,000 residents are without power

  SF Presidio West Nile virus confirmed in city  The State Department of Health Services detected antibodies for the virus in a dead Western Jay Scrub

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds belts 697 as Giants rout D'backs  Barry drove in 3 runs, and Alfonzo had 5 hits in the Giants' 18-7 victory

  East San Jose Mountain lion reported by 5 people  Police had not located the large cat and advising residents to use caution when heading outdoors

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