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Accidents Main Event: Arrests at demonstrati...
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1. 09-06 Man killed on I-880
2. 09-06 3-alarm fire San Jose Downtown
3. 09-06 One dead, another injured in car acident their car veered, Antioch
4. 09-06 Farm worker killed in car accident and palomares road, Castro Valley
5. 09-06 Ranch house destroyed following fire Half Moon Bay
09-06 Arrests at demonstration by hotel workers SF Downtown
H. 09-06 Arrested for shooting death Richmond
I. 09-06 Shooting left one person in critical SF Downtown
J. 09-06 Red Sox 8, A's 3 Coliseum


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Morning News

Sep.6   Highway 880 Man killed on I-880  The accident involved a van, a truck and a cement mixer. Ismael Vital, 28, was in the van

  San Jose Downtown 3-alarm fire  A fire has caused an estimated $25,000 in damage to an old Victorian-style home

  Antioch One dead, another injured in car acident  One adult is dead and a toddler is in the hospital after their car veered off the road for and flipped over into the a river

  Castro Valley Farm worker killed in car accident  A worker was killed in the accident that occurred on private property at Palomares Road

  Half Moon Bay Ranch house destroyed following fire  The fire did not cause any injuries

Day News

  SF Downtown   Arrests at demonstration by hotel workers
  Hundreds of SF hotel employees staged a noisy protest with more than 100 of them arrested for blocking Powell St.

  Richmond   Arrested for shooting death  A 22-year-old Julius Stinson was arrested in connection with the death of a 58-year-old Samuel Clark

  SF Downtown Shooting left one person in critical  10 people began fighting in front of a hotel. 2 men suffered non-life-threatening wounds, and a 3rd is hospitalized

Evening News

  Coliseum Red Sox 8, A's 3  Ortiz homered and drove in 4

  Alum Rock Fire Worries Close Alum Rock Park  700-acre popular park is dry and primed for a fire

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