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Crime Main Event: Hair found in boat consist...
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1. 09-08 Drive-by shooting leaves man dead Berkeley
2. 09-08 Woman stabbed and beaten to death Los Gatos
D. 09-08 6 people are in hospital after 2-car collision Burlingame
E. 09-08 75-acre grass fire Marin County
09-08 Hair found in boat consistent with wife's Redwood City
G. 09-08 Medical Center announced closure San Jose Downtown
H. 09-08 Marine Killed in Iraq Concord
8. 09-08 CHP: driver unlicensed; boy missing San Mateo Bridge
J. 09-08 Red Sox 8, A's 3 Coliseum


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Morning News

Sep.8   Berkeley   Drive-by shooting leaves man dead  John Hunt, 40, was shot at about 12:15 a.m. in the 1700 block of 6th Street

  Los Gatos   Woman stabbed and beaten to death  Andrea Smith, 52, beaten to death, allegedly by her estranged husband, after neighbors reported hearing an argument

  Burlingame 6 people are in hospital after 2-car collision  FedEx truck collided with a hotel shuttle

  Marin County 75-acre grass fire  Marshall-Petaluma Road is closed because of the fire

Day News

  Redwood City     Hair found in boat consistent with wife's
  DNA expert: At least one strand of dark hair found on Peterson's boat probably came from his dead wife

  San Jose Downtown   Medical Center announced closure
  San Jose Medical Center closure by Dec. 1, 2004, is resulting in the loss of at least 450 jobs

  Concord   Marine Killed in Iraq  Cpl. Mick Bekowsky, 21, was one of the Marines who died in a suicide bomb attack near Fallujah

  San Mateo Bridge   CHP: driver unlicensed; boy missing  CHP is considering criminal charges against two sets of parents because neither youngster was strapped into the child seat

Evening News

  Coliseum Red Sox 8, A's 3  Martinez worked 6 scoreless innings

  Spartan Stadium Crew 1, Earthquakes 0  Sanneh scored his first MLS goal in 6 years

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