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Business Main Event: Probe For Woman Found D...
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1. 11-16 School strike averted San Francisco
2. 11-16 Searchable classified database created Google
D. 11-16 Resident struck patrol car Vallejo
4. 11-16 Oracle bought Thor and OctetString Oracle
11-16 Probe For Woman Found Dead After Fire Concord
6. 11-16 Muni Verdict Makes History San Francisco
7. 11-16 Google, Mountain View Offer Free Wi-Fi Mountain View
I. 11-16 No T.O. for Moss Alameda


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Morning News

Nov.16   San Francisco   School strike averted
  The district and its workers have reached a tentative agreement regarding their contract dispute

  Google   Searchable classified database created
  Google Base has its sights set on conquering classified advertising

  Highway 80   Resident struck patrol car Map of Interstate 80 Vallejo  31-year-old struck the car on I-80 in Vallejo while reaching for a cell phone that dropped on the floorboard

  Oracle Oracle bought Thor and OctetString  Oracle has snapped up security software specialists to fill holes in its product lineup

Day News

  Concord   Probe For Woman Found Dead After Fire
  The body of a 46-year-old was discovered in her condominium a month after firefighters extinguished the blaze

  San Francisco   Muni Verdict Makes History  The parents of a 4-year-old killed in an accident have been awarded the largest personal injury, $24.7 million

  Mountain View   Google, Mountain View Offer Free Wi-Fi  The city is to become the first city to bring free wireless internet service to the entire town

Evening News

  Alameda   No T.O. for Moss  Randy Moss advises Raiders to avoid T.O.

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