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Measure Main Event: Solar Neighborhood Denied
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11-09 Solar Neighborhood Denied Livermore
C. 11-09 Teen Accused In Murder Pleads Not Guilty Martinez
D. 11-09 PC chips by AMD surpass Intel's AMD
E. 11-09 Voters Fill City Council Seats Cupertino
5. 11-09 Voters Pass 4 Of 6 Local Measures Marin County
6. 11-09 Expansion of urban boundaries approved Antioch
H. 11-09 Naval Weapons Station closure approved Concord


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Morning News

Nov.9   Livermore   Solar Neighborhood Denied
  The city's general plan to allow up to 2,450 houses to be built north of I-580

  Martinez   Teen Accused In Murder Pleads Not Guilty  Scott Dyleski, 17, appeared briefly in Contra Costa County Superior Court

  AMD PC chips by AMD surpass Intel's  Computers equipped with AMD chips outsold those with Intel varieties in U.S. retail stores for the month of October

  Cupertino Voters Fill City Council Seats  In the race for 3 seats on the City Council, Kwok, Sandoval and Mahoney were the highest vote-getters

  Marin County Voters Pass 4 Of 6 Local Measures  Voters re-elected eight of 10 council candidates in six towns and cities

Day News

  Antioch Expansion of urban boundaries approved  60% of the voters approved measure K, a plan to extend the city’s urban limit line by 1,000 acres

Evening News

  Concord   Naval Weapons Station closure approved  One idea is to double the city's open space land

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