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B. 08-20 City's 25th homicide this year Richmond
2. 08-20 Motorcyclist died after police chase Martinez
08-20 Big rig crash made fuel spill Concord
E. 08-20 Weak Dollar Means More Tourists In S.F. SF Downtown
F. 08-20 Niners trade Barlow to Jets 49ers
G. 08-20 Dodgers 5, Giants 2 Pac Bell Park
H. 08-20 Labor Protesters Greet Students UC Berkeley


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Morning News

Aug.20   Richmond   City's 25th homicide this year  Lorenzo Melendez, 26, was found shot in the Belding Wood area of central Richmond

  Martinez Motorcyclist died after police chase  44-year-old man died when his motorcycle crashed as he fled from a police officer during an attempted traffic stop

Day News

  Highway 4   Big rig crash made fuel spill
Map of California State Route 4 Concord
  Crews working underground erected a dyke to stanchion the flow of gasoline. A connector ramp was shut down

  SF Downtown   Weak Dollar Means More Tourists In S.F.  Tourism to the city is stronger this summer than anytime since the dot-com bust and 9/11 attacks

  49ers   Niners trade Barlow to Jets  New York acquired running back from San Francisco for an undisclosed draft pick in 2007

  Pac Bell Park Dodgers 5, Giants 2  Derek Lowe allowed 5 hits in 8+ innings and J.D. Drew and Garciaparra each hit 2-run homers

Evening News

  UC Berkeley   Labor Protesters Greet Students
  Custodians at staged a noisy protest as freshman and returning upper classman started moving into the dorms

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