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B. 08-22 Biologists: Ant Jaws Break Speed Record UC Berkeley
C. 08-22 Gunman Opens Fire At Funston, 1 Dead Funston, San Francisco
D. 08-22 Share of market slips Google
08-22 New Football Stadium Unveiled Stanford
5. 08-22 People Found Under Trains BART
6. 08-22 Phone Mess At City Hall San Jose City Hall
H. 08-22 Closing arguments conclude in Dyleski trial Martinez
8. 08-22 Decomposed remains of woman found Redwood City
J. 08-22 Fatal shooting East Oakland


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Morning News

Aug.22   UC Berkeley   Biologists: Ant Jaws Break Speed Record
  Researchers led by Sheila Patek say the trap-jaw ant's can clamp its mandibles shut at between 78 and 145 mph

  San Francisco   Gunman Opens Fire At Funston, 1 Dead Map of Funston San Francisco  In an random act of violence, a man shot 2 park visitors in front of a half-dozen witnesses before killing himself

  Google Share of market slips  Search engine leader captured 43.7% of the search engine market in July, down from 44.7 in June

Day News

  Stanford   New Football Stadium Unveiled
  The University showed off its new $90 million stadium. It has fewer seats than the old one, about 50,000 spectators

  BART   People Found Under Trains
  A person was reported dead after being found at Union City. The alive woman was discovered at West Oakland

  San Jose City Hall   Phone Mess At City Hall
  Some calls have kept some citizens on hold for 45 minutes. The city blames the problems on recent budget cutbacks

  Martinez   Closing arguments conclude in Dyleski trial  A prosecutor showed a re-creation of the horror-filled last moments of Pamela Vitale's life

  Redwood City Decomposed remains of woman found  There was no sign of foul play and the death appeared natural

Evening News

  East Oakland   Fatal shooting  6 p.m. in the 7800 block of Bancroft Ave.

  Pac Bell Park Giants Rally Late To Beat D-Backs  Alfonzo doubled in the go-ahead run in the 8th inning, and the San Francisco beat Arizona 7-6

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