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Business Main Event: Bonds' Possible Indictm...
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1. 07-12 Williams-Sonoma CEO to leave post San Francisco
C. 07-12 Someone shot into police car East Oakland
07-12 Bonds' Possible Indictment Barry Bonds
E. 07-12 Man, 39, Fatally Shot In Front Of Home Richmond
F. 07-12 In Custody After Police Chase On 101 Brisbane
6. 07-12 Hybrid server unveiled Sun


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Morning News

Jul.12   San Francisco   Williams-Sonoma CEO to leave post  Ed Mueller will be replaced by Howard Lester, chairman of the board who had previously run the company

  East Oakland   Someone shot into police car Map of loud music and Oakland  Police officers were dispersing a crowd of people that had been playing loud music and blocking the road

Day News

  Barry Bonds   Bonds' Possible Indictment
  The grand jury investigating Bonds apparently nearing the end of its term

  Richmond   Man, 39, Fatally Shot In Front Of Home  Loring Hill was shot multiple times around 1:30 am in the 100 block of South 17th Str

  Highway 101   In Custody After Police Chase On 101 Map of Interstate 101 Brisbane  60-year-old Manuel E. Antonio is in custody following a high-speed chase that began in San Francisco

  Sun Hybrid server unveiled  Sun Microsystems introduced the Sun Fire x4500, code-named Thumper, that it hopes will be the machine of Web 2.0

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