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Crime Main Event: 10 injured after car colli...
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1. 07-02 Shot to death East Oakland
2. 07-02 Man Shot In Metreon Parking Garage SF Downtown
D. 07-02 Diamondbacks completed 3-game sweep Coliseum
07-02 10 injured after car collides with bus San Mateo


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Morning News

Jul.2   East Oakland   Shot to death  22-year-old Angelo Lewis, of Hayward, was pronounced dead at a hospital. 3 suspects were in custody

  SF Downtown   Man Shot In Metreon Parking Garage  The victim was shot multiple times around 2 a.m.

Day News

  Coliseum   Diamondbacks completed 3-game sweep  Webb pitched a 4-hitter to win for the first time in a month with a 3-1 victory

Evening News

  San Mateo   10 injured after car collides with bus
  A Volvo collided head-on with a SamTran bus, injuring the 4 occupants of the Volvo and 6 passengers on the bus

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