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Sports Main Event: Angelides, Sen. Clinton v...
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B. 07-07 Top management shakeup eBay
07-07 Angelides, Sen. Clinton visited SF San Francisco
D. 07-07 Firefighters Set Off Fireworks Oakland
E. 07-07 Price Cuts Throw Fork in AMD Plans Intel
5. 07-07 Warriors Sign First Round Pick O'Bryant Warriors
6. 07-07 Bonds hits No. 720 Giants
7. 07-07 A's Lose A One-Hitter To Angels Coliseum
I. 07-07 10-Acre Wildfire At Chabot Park Castro Valley


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Morning News

Jul.7   eBay   Top management shakeup  Jeff Jordan, the president of PayPal, possible successor to CEO, plans to check out in the fall

Day News

  San Francisco   Angelides, Sen. Clinton visited SF
  Gubernatorial candidate says would sign Gay Marriage Bill. With Angelides were Boxer, Newsom and Westly

  Oakland     Firefighters Set Off Fireworks
  Firefighters from the station No. 18 allegedly set off fireworks in front of their fire station on July 4th

  Carlos   Ex-Mayor Gets 45 Days In Jail For Fraud  Mike King was convicted architect of a plan to defraud the South County out of $13,000

  Intel Price Cuts Throw Fork in AMD Plans  Intel's attempt to stanch the loss of market share, may allow it to gain lost ground over the next 6 months

  Warriors Warriors Sign First Round Pick O'Bryant  Patrick O'Bryant, a 7-foot center from Bradley, was the 9th overall selection in last month's draft

Evening News

  Giants     Bonds hits No. 720  LA Dodgers 9, San Francisco 7. Bonds gave a 5-4 lead in the third inning with a three-run homer,

  Coliseum A's Lose A One-Hitter To Angels  Lackey threw a one-hitter to outpitch All-Star Barry Zito

  Castro Valley 10-Acre Wildfire At Chabot Park  A fire forced some people to evacuate before firefighters fully contained the blaze two hours later

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