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B. 07-09 Triple shooting left 1 dead, 1 critical is in critical, East Oakland
2. 07-09 Two Killed in Fire the house was, San Bruno
D. 07-09 Maritime Museum Closes for 3 Years Fishermans Wharf
4. 07-09 Blaze reached four alarms Petaluma
5. 07-09 Fatal solo-vehicle crash
G. 07-09 Angels 4, A's 2 Coliseum
07-09 North Beach Celebrates Italian Win North Beach
8. 07-09 Rash Of Mountain Lion Sightings Rossmoor


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Morning News

Jul.9   East Oakland   Triple shooting left 1 dead, 1 critical Map of is in critical Oakland
  The shooting occurred in the 4100 block of International Blvd. at 3:47 a.m. One is in critical and the other's is stable

  San Bruno   Two Killed in Fire
Map of the house was San Bruno
  The fire broke out in a home on the 3200-block of Highland Dr. The house was not equipped with smoke detectors

  Fishermans Wharf   Maritime Museum Closes for 3 Years  The building was put up in the 1930s. Now the building is in need of some serious repairs

  Petaluma   Blaze reached four alarms  Flames from a large couch set on fire had spread into the second floor of the Goodwill Industries

  Highway 280 Fatal solo-vehicle crash  16-year-old Garth Li was at the wheel of a gray 1983 BMW that collided with the center divider

Day News

  Coliseum Angels 4, A's 2  Morales hit a go-ahead, 2-run triple to help Santana win his 6th straight decision

Evening News

  North Beach   North Beach Celebrates Italian Win
  Crowds of soccer fans gathered to watch on television the FIFA World Cup game being played in Berlin

  Rossmoor Rash Of Mountain Lion Sightings  Residents of a retirement community on the outskirts of Walnut Creek scared by a rash of the sightings

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