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Business Main Event: $500 million grant to d...
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B. 02-01 Shooting in parking lot left one man dead 22815 Vermont St, Hayward
02-01 $500 million grant to develop new biofuels UC Berkeley
D. 02-01 Mayor Newsom's sorry SF City Hall
E. 02-01 School district rejects Mandarin immersion Palo Alto
5. 02-01 Apple, Cisco Return To Talks Over iPhone Apple
6. 02-01 Electronics Arts Beats Estimates Redwood City
7. 02-01 $364 Million For San Jose Extension San Jose
I. 02-01 Stars Hold Off Sharks SJ Arena


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Morning News

Feb.1   Hayward   Shooting in parking lot left one man dead Map of 22815 Vermont St Hayward  Police found two men suffering from gunshot wound at the Vermont Hills apartment complex

Day News

  UC Berkeley   $500 million grant to develop new biofuels
  Cleaner energy is the goal of a BP grant that's been awarded to a consortium led by the University of California
 Energy Biosciences Institute opened by Gov. Schwarzenegger, Illinois Gov.Blagojevich, UC President Dynes, BP America chairman and president Malone

  SF City Hall     Mayor Newsom's sorry
  Mayor was having an affair with a former secretary, who is the wife of a top aide who resigned after confronting Newsom

  Palo Alto   School district rejects Mandarin immersion  The District rejected a proposal for elementary schools over fears it would unfairly benefit a small number of students

  Apple Apple, Cisco Return To Talks Over iPhone  Cisco's lawsuit remains pending. 2 companies have agreed to extend the time Apple has to respond

  Redwood City Electronics Arts Beats Estimates  EA is benefiting from brisk holiday sales of video games used on Sony's new Playstation 3

Evening News

  San Jose   $364 Million For San Jose Extension
  $151 million reimbursement for previously completed design work and $213 million to take the project to the 65% design level

  SJ Arena   Stars Hold Off Sharks  Lundqvist and Barnes scored early goals, and Dallas played sterling defense in victory over the San Jose, 4-2

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