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1. 02-11 Man killed in tow truck collision
02-11 Mayor opens re-election headquarter SF City Hall
D. 02-11 2 shootings left young man dead Eddy Street and Laguna Street, Western Addition
4. 02-11 Red Cross Brings Help To Fire Victims Santa Clara
5. 02-11 Pedestrian killed by truck East Capital Expressway and Story Road,, East San Jose
6. 02-11 2 people injured in fire 1420 Thrush St, San Leandro


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Morning News

Feb.11   Highway 4 Man killed in tow truck collision  3:14 a.m. on eastbound Highway 4 just east of Bailey Road

Day News

  SF City Hall     Mayor opens re-election headquarter
  Gavin Newsom opened his re-election headquarters with an apology to 'someone I care deeply about,' Alex Tourk, 39,

  Western Addition   2 shootings left young man dead Map of Eddy Street and Laguna Street San Francisco
  24-year-old man was shot multiple times while washing his van. 13-year-old girl hospitalized

  Santa Clara   Red Cross Brings Help To Fire Victims  105 people who found themselves homeless in the County this week after two fires destroyed 2 apartment complexes

  East San Jose Pedestrian killed by truck  51-year-old Refugio Aldama was walking around 5 a.m. when he was hit by a passing truck and died at the scene

Evening News

  San Leandro 2 people injured in fire  One man suffered burns to 55% of his body and a woman was sent to ahospital for smoke inhalation

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