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Business Main Event: Gore speech focuses on ...
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1. 02-02 Chevron sets new earnings record Chevron
02-02 Gore speech focuses on global warming San Jose
D. 02-02 Soldier, 21, Killed In Iraq Los Altos Hills
E. 02-02 Giants owner writes letter to fans Giants
5. 02-02 Hearst Considered Chronicle Sale SF Chronicle
G. 02-02 Fatal, Multi-Car Crash Treasure Island


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Morning News

Feb.2   Chevron   Chevron sets new earnings record  The 4th-quarter profit dropped by 9 percent amid lower energy prices

Day News

  San Jose     Gore speech focuses on global warming
  Former Vice President told a group of Silicon Valley leaders that he is not running for president

  Los Altos Hills     Soldier, 21, Killed In Iraq
  Army Sgt. William M. Sigua died from small-arms fire while on patrol in Bayji

  Giants   Giants owner writes letter to fans  Magowan's letter to season-ticket holders to explain the signing hit the Internet

Evening News

  SF Chronicle   Hearst Considered Chronicle Sale  The Hearst Corp. has recorded $330 million in losses and attempted to sell the newspaper to MediaNews

  Treasure Island   Fatal, Multi-Car Crash  One person died in the accident, which was reported at 9:15 p.m. on the westbound span of just east of Treasure Island

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