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Main Event: Pizza Deliveryman Shot Dead
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11-27 Pizza Deliveryman Shot Dead 800 South 45th Street, Richmond
C. 11-27 Late Night Pizza Ban Proposed In N. Beach San Francisco
D. 11-27 Judge tosses out animal rights lawsuit UCSF


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Morning News

Nov.27   Richmond   Pizza Deliveryman Shot Dead
Map of 800 South 45th Street Richmond
  A pizza deliveryman was shot as he was searching for a customer's apartment

Day News

  Google   Google's big bet on renewable energy
  Google is earmarking hundreds of millions of dollars in developing renewable energy, as part of an ambitious plan to clean the environment

  San Francisco   Late Night Pizza Ban Proposed In N. Beach  The city is considering a proposal to force all businesses, including pizza parlors in a two-block section of Broadway to close at 2 a.m.

Evening News

  UCSF   Judge tosses out animal rights lawsuit  A judge has thrown out a lawsuit that accused researchers of conducting painful and unnecessary experiments on dogs and monkeys

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