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1. 02-23 Strong Storms Predicted for Bay Area Bay Area
02-23 State GOP Gathers To Boost McCain SF Downtown
3. 02-23 Fire destroys day care center Tiburon
E. 02-23 PG&E Corp. has big rise in quarter profit PG&E
F. 02-23 Gunman 'horrified' over paralyzed injuries Oakland
G. 02-23 Parade celebrates Chinese new year SF Downtown


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Morning News

Feb.23   Bay Area   Strong Storms Predicted for Bay Area  Another high-powered storm is expected to bring heavy rain and strong wind. Showers have swept through the region on and off all week

Day News

  SF Downtown   State GOP Gathers To Boost McCain
  Thousands of Republican party members gathered for the group's annual state convention
 Officials said picking one of the nation's most liberal cities for such an event was not an accident

  Tiburon   Fire destroys day care center
  60 children are safe after they were evacuated from the Belvedere-Tiburon Child Care Center that caught fire and erupted in flames

  PG&E   PG&E Corp. has big rise in quarter profit  PG&E spent more money improving its vast electricity network in 2007 and scored bigger profits as a result; jump 34% in the fourth quarter

  San Jose Motorcyclist Dead After Collision  Preliminary reports indicate that a motorcycle rider crashed into a center divide and was hit by another vehicle

Evening News

  Oakland   Gunman 'horrified' over paralyzed injuries  The attorney for Jared Adams accused of a shooting that paralyzed a 10-year-old boy says his client was horrified and saddened by the boy's plight

  SF Downtown Parade celebrates Chinese new year  Parade began at 5:30 p.m. just as a powerful winter storm was bearing down on Northern California

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