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04-03 Much-Anticipated IPad Goes On Sale Apple
C. 04-03 SF To Face Soaring Deficits SF City Hall
3. 04-03 Missing Man Found Dead Spring Lake Park, Santa Rosa
4. 04-03 Man Killed In 3-Car Crash On Hwy. 101
F. 04-03 Guilty Verdict In Garage Slaying Santa Rosa


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Morning News

Apr.3   Apple   Much-Anticipated IPad Goes On Sale
  Apple Inc. is drawing eager customers intent on being among the first owners of a tablet-style device. Some were drawn by the ability to read ebooks
 Fans snap up iPads after waiting overnight. Most people had already reserved their iPad. But many gathered anyway to see the doors open at 9 a.m.

  SF City Hall   SF To Face Soaring Deficits
  The annual report prepared by budget analysts for projects the city will face budget deficits of more than $700 million for each of the next two years

Day News

  Santa Rosa Missing Man Found Dead  23-year-old Justin Dockery was found dead after being reported missing last month being dropped off by a friend at the park

  Highway 101 Man Killed In 3-Car Crash On Hwy. 101  A 1995 Infiniti driven by Gutierrez appears to have collided with a Toyota and then also with a Ford. 25-year-old Eduardo Gutierrez was killed

Evening News

  Santa Rosa   Guilty Verdict In Garage Slaying  A jury has convicted 21-year-old Joseph Kenneth Lopez Jr of murder and acquitted another in the killing of Matthew Toste in a parking garage

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