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Main Event: Teenager Facing Deportation Aft...
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03-01 Teenager Facing Deportation After Fight San Francisco
C. 03-01 Gang Members Accused In 3 Killings SF Bayview
D. 03-01 Students Voice Racism Concerns UC Berkeley


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Morning News

Mar.1   San Francisco   Teenager Facing Deportation After Fight
  Tracey Washington and her 13-year-old son are scheduled to be deported after the he was referred to authorities under a contentious city policy

  SF Bayview   Gang Members Accused In 3 Killings  Charges have been filed against 10 alleged BNT gang members and associates in connection with three murders and other crimes

  UC Berkeley Students Voice Racism Concerns  Hundreds of students blocked Sather Hall for two hours, protesting incidents in San Diego, and what they perceive to be the university's inaction

Evening News

  Pittsburg   Pot In 5th Graders Fruity Pebbles Treat
  Several fifth graders at Stoneman Elementary School shared nibbles of the sugary treat. Students told school staff, who contacted police

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