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Crime Main Event: 3rd Arrest In Church Shoot...
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03-09 3rd Arrest In Church Shooting Richmond
C. 03-09 Cisco unveils faster router Cisco
D. 03-09 Chevron cutting 2,000 jobs Chevron
4. 03-09 Man Gets Life For Grandfather's Murder Santa Rosa
5. 03-09 Pleads guilty in kid designated driver case Mill Valley
G. 03-09 $90M Anonym. Donated For Exploratorium SF Downtown
H. 03-09 Whitman Shuts Out Press At Her Event Oakland
I. 03-09 Google Adds Bike Lane With Mapping Google
9. 03-09 Man fatally shot 59th and Genoa street, North Oakland


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Mar.9   Richmond   3rd Arrest In Church Shooting
  Officers arrested 18-year-old Marcel Buggs on charges including assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm

  Cisco   Cisco unveils faster router
  Cisco Systems unveiled hardware that will speed up the delivery of data over broadband networks as a next-generation Internet

  Chevron   Chevron cutting 2,000 jobs
  Oil giant Chevron Corp. has revealed where it plans to cut its worldwide refining and marketing operations - and Richmond is not on the list

  Santa Rosa   Man Gets Life For Grandfather's Murder  Sean Mooney, of Chico, was convicted in July in the shooting death of 77-year-old Robert Deming

  Mill Valley   Pleads guilty in kid designated driver case  Heather Choulos, accused of using her 13-year-old son as a designated driver to avoid getting another DUI, has pleaded guilty to child endangerment

  SF Downtown   $90M Anonym. Donated For Exploratorium  Exploratorium science museum has received two anonymous donations totaling $90 million to help it move to a new home on the city's waterfront

  Oakland Whitman Shuts Out Press At Her Event  Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman's campaign for California governor hit a roadblock, refusing to answer any questions from the very press-corps

Evening News

  Google   Google Adds Bike Lane With Mapping
  The new bicycling directions available on Google Maps supplement the guidance already provided to motorists and pedestrians

  North Oakland   Man fatally shot Map of 59th and Genoa street Oakland  The shooting happened at about 5:30 p.m., the fifth fatal shooting in the city since Thursday

  San Francisco   Cocaine Stolen From Crime Lab
  SFPD lab will undergo a 'comprehensive audit,' following an investigation into the possible mishandling of narcotic evidence by a lab technician

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