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1. 11-11 HP pays $16.25M to end probe HP
2. 11-11 Cisco 1Q earnings up 8 percent Cisco
11-11 Bridge standoff of troubled man's threats Bay Bridge
E. 11-11 March over Grant, Jones shootings International Boulevard, East Oakland
F. 11-11 Woman ordered to mental institution Redwood City


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Morning News

Nov.11   HP   HP pays $16.25M to end probe  Hewlett-Packard Co. has settled allegations that it showered Texas school officials with gifts to win contracts funded by a federal program

  Cisco   Cisco 1Q earnings up 8 percent  Cisco Systems' outlook for the current quarter cast doubt on the pace of recovery in corporate technology spending and sent Cisco's shares skidding

Day News

  Bay Bridge   Bridge standoff of troubled man's threats
  A two hour backup after Craig Carlos-Valentino, 51, claimed to have explosives and a gun on him when he stopped his SUV on the upper deck

  East Oakland     March over Grant, Jones shootings Map of International Boulevard Oakland
  A crowd protested the shooting of another unarmed man by police. Dozens of people are holding a rally right now

Evening News

  Redwood City   Woman ordered to mental institution  Philomena Brown will be confined to to Napa State Hospital for a maximum of 13 years for an unprovoked attack on her family

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