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Accidents Main Event: 2 hurt when plane skid...
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B. 08-28 OmniVision Technologies stock falls 30% Santa Clara
08-28 2 hurt when plane skids off Napa runway
3. 08-28 Fire truck crash sends 2 to hospital 8th Street and Bryant Street, San Francisco
E. 08-28 Man fatally shot in front of son 103rd Avenue and International Boulevard, East Oakland
F. 08-28 Giants drop 4 back Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

Aug.28   Santa Clara OmniVision Technologies stock falls 30%  The stock lopping $442 million from the company's market value. OmniVision raised concerns with a quarterly earnings forecast

Day News

  Napa   2 hurt when plane skids off Napa runway Map of Napa County Airport Napa
  FAA says two people suffered minor injuries when a small plane skidded off a runway at Napa County Airport and collided with a car on a highway

  Highway 101 Fire truck crash sends 2 to hospital  A crash involving a San Francisco Fire Department rescue vehicle and a pickup injured two people

Evening News

  East Oakland   Man fatally shot in front of son
Map of 103rd Avenue and International Boulevard Oakland
  The man had just left a grocery store with his six-year-old son when the robber shot him

  Pac Bell Park   Giants drop 4 back  Downs delivered a go-ahead single with one out in the 11th inning and the Astros beat the stumbling Giants 4-3 to salvage a 4-game split

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