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Main Event: Police don't want burglar to ge...
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B. 12-15 Felon charged in Occupy shooting Oakland
12-15 Police don't want burglar to get loot San Francisco
D. 12-15 Mayor Jean Quan jeered at Occupy forum San Francisco


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Morning News

Dec.15   Oakland     Felon charged in Occupy shooting  Convicted 31-year-old Issac McDaniels is facing accessory charges in the shooting death of a man near the former encampment outside City Hall

Evening News

  San Francisco   Police don't want burglar to get loot
  Another chance for victims of convicted Pooja Ghandi to claim their possessions which were stolen. Judge orders cops to return bounty to burglar

  Contra Costa County   Despite national decrease, foreclosures up  Contra Costa foreclosure rates jumped more than 18 percent since last year. Six of the nine Bay Area counties have seen foreclosures increase

  San Francisco     Mayor Jean Quan jeered at Occupy forum  An audience filled with Occupy supporters heckled Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Thursday during a forum at the Commonwealth Club

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