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B. 12-08 Protesters try again to set up tents Justin Herman Plaza, SF Downtown
C. 12-08 Fire crews battle house fire 2400 Renwick Street, East Oakland
12-08 Suspect killed during invasion robbery 400 South 35th Street, Richmond
4. 12-08 Family conflicted over toddler's future Oakland
F. 12-08 Prosecutors seeking jail for Bonds San Francisco


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Morning News

Dec.8   SF Downtown     Protesters try again to set up tents Map of Justin Herman Plaza San Francisco  Occupy San Francisco protesters have again tried to set up tents at the site of their former encampment in Justin Herman Plaza

  East Oakland Fire crews battle house fire  Firefighters are on the scene at a two-alarm fire in the Maxwell Park neighborhood

Day News

  San Jose   Contract awarded to build BART in South
  The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority board voted to award a $772 million contract to extend BART 10 miles from Warm Springs

  Richmond   Suspect killed during invasion robbery
Map of 400 South 35th Street Richmond
  A resident shot and killed 19-year-old robbery suspect at night during a home-invasion robbery attempt on the south side of the city

  Oakland     Family conflicted over toddler's future   One of Hiram Lawrence's family members has told ABC7 that the family is no longer in unanimous agreement about the toddler's future

Evening News

  San Francisco     Prosecutors seeking jail for Bonds  In court documents filed late Thursday, federal prosecutors have asked a judge to send former baseball slugger Barry Bonds to prison

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