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Politics Main Event: Rally for man arrested ...
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07-12 Rally for man arrested in saggy pants flap SF City Hall
C. 07-12 Man dies from gunshot wounds 1400 81st Avenue, East Oakland
D. 07-12 Electronic Arts buys PopCap Games Redwood City
4. 07-12 Students begin tracking government Stanford


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Morning News

Jul.12   San Rafael   Porn mogul convicted of murdering
  James Mitchell was convicted of first-degree murder for beating the mother of his child to death with a softball bat two years ago

  SF City Hall   Rally for man arrested in saggy pants flap
  Dozens gathered outside City Hall in support of a college football player arrested after refusing to pull up his saggy pants on a plane
 The district attorney will not file charges against Deshon Marman

  East Oakland   Man dies from gunshot wounds Map of 1400 81st Avenue Oakland  Lark Shavers, 37, shot several times inside his home two weeks ago has died form his injuries

  Redwood City Electronic Arts buys PopCap Games  EA will acquire casual-games developer a leader in the mobile field for as much as $1.3 billion

Day News

  Stanford   Students begin tracking government  A group of university students has revealed a website is aimed at showing Californians how state government is spending taxpayer money

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