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Business Main Event: 'China hackers' hit Goo...
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B. 06-01 Police warn neighborhood of sex offender West San Jose
06-01 'China hackers' hit Google e-mail Google
3. 06-01 Affymetrix names Witney as new CEO Santa Clara
E. 06-01 Caltrain kills pedestrian Rengsdorff Avenue, Mountain View
5. 06-01 Ex-Google CEO 'screwed up' on Facebook Google


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Morning News

Jun.1   West San Jose   Police warn neighborhood of sex offender  Police are warning people about a high-risk sex offender 61-year-old Wayne Page living in the area

Day News

  Google   'China hackers' hit Google e-mail
  Hackers in China have compromised personal e-mail accounts of hundreds of top US officials, military personnel and journalists

  Santa Clara   Affymetrix names Witney as new CEO  Genetic testing instrument maker Affymetrix Inc. said that life sciences veteran Frank Witney will replace outgoing CEO Kevin King

  Mountain View   Caltrain kills pedestrian Map of Rengsdorff Avenue Mountain View  A person was struck and killed tonight on the Caltrain tracks north of Rengsdorff Avenue at about 6:50 p.m.

Evening News

  Google   Ex-Google CEO 'screwed up' on Facebook
  If he had another chance, Eric Schmidt would have pressed the Internet search leader to focus more on mounting a challenge to Facebook

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