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B. 05-19 Police fatally shoot 2 men on street 3000 Curran Avenue, East Oakland
C. 05-19 Closings resume in editor murder trial Oakland
3. 05-19 World's largest cable saddle placed Bay Bridge
05-19 LinkedIn soars 90% in debut LinkedIn
5. 05-19 6 indicted in mortgage fraud scheme San Jose


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Morning News

May.19   East Oakland   Police fatally shoot 2 men on street Map of 3000 Curran Avenue Oakland
  Oakland police killed two men during a confrontation after officers got a tip that a gang crime was about to go down in a quiet neighborhood
 When the officers tried to stop a car with 3 men, 2 of the men emerged with guns. One of the armed men fled into a yard while the other confronted officers and was shot. The 3rd occupant of the car was also shot

  Oakland     Closings resume in editor murder trial  The credibility of the prosecution's key witness was the prime target during closing arguments in the murder trial of a Yusuf Bey IV

  Bay Bridge World's largest cable saddle placed  Crews installed the 450-ton saddle on top of the tower of the world's longest self-anchored suspension span

Day News

  LinkedIn   LinkedIn soars 90% in debut
  LinkedIn's stock more than doubled in its market debut because of investor demand for the first major social networking company to go public
 The LNKD stock traded at $103 at midday on the New York Stock Exchange. The company raised $353 million in an IPO that valued it at $4.3 billion

Evening News

  San Jose 6 indicted in mortgage fraud scheme  The defendants, most of them real estate agents, are accused of arranging $40 million in loans that never should have been made

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