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Murder Main Event: Police in standoff with a...
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09-10 Police in standoff with armed man Office Depot, Emeryville
2. 09-10 Man shot dead 2900 Octavia Street, East Oakland
D. 09-10 Museum cancels Palestinian exhibit Oakland
4. 09-10 Man arrested in death of woman 49 Harbor St, San Rafael
F. 09-10 Man killed by Caltrain before Giants game Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco


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Morning News

Sep.10   Emeryville   Police in standoff with armed man Map of Office Depot Emeryville
  Police are in a standoff with an armed suspect disguised as a film character who is holed up inside an Office Depot store
 4 employees had been held hostage but were released unharmed

  East Oakland   Man shot dead Map of 2900 Octavia Street Oakland  The victim was found shot shortly before 9 p.m. Friday. He was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital

Day News

  Oakland   Museum cancels Palestinian exhibit
  Complaints have prompted to cancel a planned exhibit of drawings by Palestinian children showing how they saw the Israeli assault

  San Rafael   Man arrested in death of woman Map of 49 Harbor St San Rafael  Robert Lee Bradley, 51, is accused of beating a 46-year-old woman to death in her home In the city's Canal neighborhood

Evening News

  San Francisco   Man killed by Caltrain before Giants game Map of Jerrold Avenue San Francisco  Train No. 440, carrying 265 passengers, had departed SF at around 5:15 and was traveling at less than the maximum speed of 79 mph

  Highway 101 Motorcyclist fatally injured in E. Palo Alto  A motorcyclist died from injuries sustained in a crash on U.S. Highway 101 after he lost control of the bike and hit the roadway

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