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Business Main Event: Police detonate 8 explo...
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B. 09-13 San Jose votes to curb medical marijuana San Jose City Hall
2. 09-13 Cisco cuts long-term growth forecast Cisco
3. 09-13 Intel, Google announce phone partnership Intel
09-13 Police detonate 8 explosives found North Sixth Street, and East Empire Street, San Jose Downtown


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Morning News

Sep.13   Martinez Man ruled insane in mother's slaying  21-year-old Andrew Mantas, a Danville man accused of beating his mother to death with a baseball bat has been ruled legally insane

Day News

  San Jose City Hall   San Jose votes to curb medical marijuana  City lawmakers have taken a big step toward downsizing and regulating the medical marijuana industry in the nation's 10th-largest city

  Cisco Cisco cuts long-term growth forecast  Cisco Systems Inc. lowered its long-term sales forecast, acknowledging that its days of heady growth won't return in the foreseeable future

  Intel Intel, Google announce phone partnership  Criticized for being slow to get its chips into smartphones, Intel announced a partnership to get Google's brainy circuits into Android-based phones

Evening News

  San Jose Downtown     Police detonate 8 explosives found Map of North Sixth Street and East Empire Street San Jose
  Around 8 p.m. 4 more explosive devices were discovered. The bomb squad had already found four other devices and detonated them

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