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Main Event: Yahoo fires CEO Bartz
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B. 09-06 eBay hires ex-Thomson Reuters exec eBay
09-06 Yahoo fires CEO Bartz Yahoo


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Sep.6   SF City Hall   Supervisor proposes ban on naked seating  Wiener introduced legislation that would require nudists to cover public seating and to cover themselves before entering restaurants

  eBay eBay hires ex-Thomson Reuters exec  Online auction giant it hired Devin Wenig, formerly CEO of Thomson Reuters Markets, as president of its global Marketplaces business unit

  Yahoo   Yahoo fires CEO Bartz
  Yahoo's chief executive Carol Bartz has been fired by the internet company after two-and-a-half years in the top job
 Bartz was removed by the board of directors, effective immediately. Tim Morse, chief financial officer, will take over from Ms Bartz. Morse will serve as interim chief executive and the board of directors will look for a new CEO

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