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Main Event: Disabled woman recovering after...
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11-04 Disabled woman recovering after hit-and-run El Camino Real, Belmont
C. 11-04 Raley's workers strike over pay, benefits Raley's, Alameda


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Day News

Nov.4   Belmont Disabled woman recovering after hit-and-run  Stephanie Hill was meeting friends at a IHOP when a car turned in front of her, sideswiping her chair and legs. The driver suddenly took of

Evening News

  Western Marin County   Boat overturns in Tomales Bay; 7 rescued
Map of Tomales Bay Western Marin County
  5 adults and 2 children were rescued from the intensely cold waters after the 25-foot motorboat caught in heavy surf and rolled over

  Alameda Raley's workers strike over pay, benefits  The union members who went on strike chain-wide around 2:30 a.m. after efforts to reach a new contract with Raley's failed

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