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Main Event: Genentech to buy Seragon Pharma...
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B. 07-02 Home Depot scraps plans for store in Bayview 2000 Marin Street, SF Bayview
07-02 Genentech to buy Seragon Pharmaceuticals Genentech


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Morning News

Jul.2   Napa   Wildfire grown to 5 square miles Map of Pope Valley Napa
  Crews are working nonstop to get a handle. Buildings are burned, homes have been evacuated, and the fire is just too unpredictable

  SF Bayview Home Depot scraps plans for store in Bayview  The big box home improvement chain has suspended its two-year effort to build a 120,000-square-foot store and garden center

  Highway 101 Man killed in Highway 101 crash near McKee Road  A 69-year-old Arthur Licon was killed in a crash on Highway 101 north of McKee Road that sent two cars into a roadside tree

Day News

  Genentech   Genentech to buy Seragon Pharmaceuticals  Genentech, which is part of Roche, will pay for a San Diego company developing treatments for the most common kind of breast cancer

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