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Morning News

Dec.3   UC Berkeley Bernie Sanders challenges Trump, Dem establishment at UC Berkeley  Sanders continued to try to push the party left while rallying supporters who feel adrift after the election of Donald Trump

  Fruitvale     36 dead in fire at Oakland party Map of 31st Avenue and International Boulevard Oakland
  The blaze ignited around 11:30 p.m. Friday night in a large converted warehouse. As many as 100 people were inside for a performance
 Golden Donna 100 Percent Silk touring electronic dance music show. Some of the victims were apparently trapped in the blaze when they couldn’t escape down a makeshift, one-way stairwell leading to the second floor that was built out of wooden pallets

Evening News

  Fruitvale     Ex-employees say Ghost Ship founder disregarded fire hazard warnings
Map of 31st Avenue and International Boulevard Oakland
  Part of the investigation concerns the building not being up to code and there is one person in particular who authorities would like to speak to about

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