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Milosevic clashes with journalist. UN Tribunal Milosevic has heart risk - doctors
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Milosevic bid to subpoena Clinton. UN Tribunal Court appoints Milosevic lawyers. UN Tribunal   Milosevic opens defence at trial  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav President has opened his much-delayed defence at his trial at The Hague   Milosevic trial to resume  UN Tribunal: Judges have announced that the trial of former Yugoslav President will resume on 14 July Milosevic's wife sought by police. Serbia Police smash Milosevic ally's home. Serbia   Milosevic grills Croat president
  Milosevic's death 'great pity for justice'  UN Tribunal: The chief prosecutor says the death makes it 'more urgent than ever' to bring other war crimes fugitives to trial   Milosevic found dead in cell

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  Hague: Former Yugoslav President has been found dead in Hague where he was being tried on war crimes charges
 He was 64. Milosevic was found dead for several hours. He rose to the top of Yugoslav politics in the 1980. Elected Serbian president in 1990, Milosevic ruled with an iron grip until his overthrow in 2000. Next year he was transferred to the Hague and went on trial in 2002.

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  UN Tribunal: The trial has witnessed a heated exchange between the Yugoslav ex-President and the Croatian President Stjepan Mesic

  UN Tribunal: Doctors have found Milosevic is at risk of heart trouble and needs rest
Jul.23 Milosevic denies bodies cover-up. UN Tribunal Jul.17 Milosevic blood pressure halts trial. UN Tribunal Jul.12 Milosevic aide flown to trial. UN Tribunal May.3 Milosevic clashes with Kosovo leader  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav leader has begun cross-examining Ibrahim Rugova in a feisty and antagonistic exchange Mar.15 British envoy grilled by Milosevic. UN Tribunal Mar.13 Scientists dispute Milosevic claim. UN Tribunal Feb.19 Milosevic challenges first witness  UN Tribunal: The former Yugoslav President has cross-examined Mahmut Bakalli, former Communist leader of Kosovo Feb.18 First witness confronts Milosevic. UN Tribunal Feb.17 Milosevic blames West for Yugo split  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav President has returned to the dock to conclude his opening address Feb.15 Milosevic wants Clinton to testify  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav President will call ex-US leader and other Western politicians to testify at his trial Feb.14 Milosevic blasts Nato's 'lies'  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav President is saying Nato had justified its bombing of Yugoslavia with an 'ocean of lies' Feb.13 Milosevic challenges court's legitimacy  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav president has challenged the legitimacy of the United Nations tribunal in The Hague Feb.12 Milosevic accused of 'medieval savagery'  UN Tribunal: The prosecution has accused the former Yugoslav president of being 'responsible for the worst crimes known to humankind'

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Dec.11 Milosevic refuses genocide plea
  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav President sat impassively as the genocide charges were read out Oct.29 Milosevic scorns war crimes court  UN Tribunal: The former Yugoslav president is refusing to cooperate with the U.N. tribunal, saying it is an illegitimate institution Aug.30 Milosevic facing genocide charges  UN Tribunal: Charges of genocide in Bosnia and Croatia, combined with crimes against humanity in Kosovo, are to be filed Aug.23 Lawyers demand Milosevic's freedom  UN Tribunal: Lawyers are contesting the legality of the U.N. tribunal and said the detention was part of an 'anti-Serb witch hunt' Aug.18 Wife visits Milosevic for 60  UN Tribunal: Mirjana Markovic and grandson visited the former Yugoslav president in detention to celebrate his 60th birthday Jul.3 War crimes court charges Milosevic  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav President charged with crimes against humanity. He did not recognise the authority of the court Jun.28 Milosevic extradited to Hague
  Belgrade: Former President was taken from a prison in Belgrade, sent to the Bosnia, then arrived at The Hague. Kostunica protested
Apr.11 Milosevic taken to hospital   Serbia: Former president was having heart problems caused by high blood pressure. He is facing corruption charges Apr.5 Tribunal serves Milosevic warrant   Serbia: The U.N. war crimes tribunal has submitted the warrant and the original indictment to Yugoslav authorities Apr.1 Milosevic to be in custody 30 days. Belgrade Mar.31 Milosevic arrested
   Serbia: Former President arrested after a standoff at his home and taken to prison for questioning on corruption charges
Mar.30 Standoff at Milosevic villa. Serbia Feb.24 Milosevic's henchman arrested. Serbia

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Dec.25 Milosevic will be pursued
. Serbia

Trial Main Event: Milosevic found dead in ce...
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B. 2006-03-12 Milosevic's death 'great pity for justice' UN Tribunal
2006-03-11 Milosevic found dead in cell Hague
D. 2006-02-28 Milosevic bid to subpoena Clinton UN Tribunal
E. 2004-09-02 Court appoints Milosevic lawyers UN Tribunal
5. 2004-08-30 Milosevic opens defence at trial UN Tribunal
6. 2004-07-06 Milosevic trial to resume UN Tribunal
H. 2003-03-29 Milosevic's wife sought by police Serbia
I. 2003-03-14 Police smash Milosevic ally's home Serbia
9. 2002-10-02 Milosevic grills Croat president UN Tribunal

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