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B. 2016-12-22 China reports at least 7 bird flu cases so far this month Anhui, China
C. 2014-02-04 New strain of 'deadly' bird flu Nanchang City, Southern China
2014-01-27 Hong Kong culls chickens over H7N9 Hong Kong
E. 2014-01-23 Deadly bird flu cases surging China
F. 2013-08-07 First human-to-human transmission of H7N9 bird flu Wuxi, China
G. 2013-04-24 WHO: H7N9 virus 'one of the most lethal so far' Beijing
H. 2013-04-22 China bird flu cases jumps past 100 China
I. 2013-04-19 Bird flu investigation launched Beijing

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China reports at least 7 bird flu cases so far this month   New strain of 'deadly' bird flu   Southern China: Experts are concerned about the spread of a new strain of bird flu that has already killed 73-year-old woman in China   Hong Kong culls chickens over H7N9  Hong Kong has begun culling 20,000 chickens after the H7N9 bird flu virus was found in poultry imported from mainland China   First human-to-human transmission of H7N9 bird flu    China: Researchers say they believe a woman in the eastern Chinese city of Wuxi probably caught the H7N9 virus from her father   WHO: H7N9 virus 'one of the most lethal so far'  Beijing: Death toll from China's bird flu outbreak rose to 22 with news of another victim in eastern Zhejiang Province Death toll climbs to 10 in bird flu crisis   Hong Kong: The death toll in China's bird flu crisis stood at 10, as Hong Kong authorities announced plans to test all poultry imported from the mainland 20,000 birds slaughtered as bird flu death toll rises

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year 2014 Top ^

Jan.23  Deadly bird flu cases surging
Jan.8  First H5N1 death in North America

year 2013 Top ^

Apr.22  China bird flu cases jumps past 100
Apr.19  Bird flu investigation launched
Apr.18  China bird flu count rises to 83
Apr.16  Beijing concerned about 4-year-old bird flu 'carrier'
Apr.15  China: Bird flu cases climb to 60
Apr.13  China bird flu: 'Two new cases' in Henan province
Apr.10  Bird flu fears hit KFC China profits
Apr.9  China bird flu crisis claims new victim
  Shanghai: Chinese authorities have killed more than 20,000 birds from a live-poultry trading zone in Shanghai after an unusual strain of bird flu
 Shanghai markets close over bird flu
Apr.4  Bird flu claims 4th victim in China Apr.3  China reports 4 more cases of unusual bird flu Mar.31 Two men die of bird flu in China. Shanghai

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.31 Chinese man dies of bird flu
. Southern China Dec.21  HK gathers chickens after bird flu found Sep.20  Poultry culling after bird flu outbreak Aug.29 U.N. warns on mutant strain of bird flu. UN

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.17  First Hong Kong bird flu case in 7 years

year 2009 Top ^

Feb.11  China kills 13,000 birds to control epidemic Jan.19 China confirms 3rd bird flu death this year
Map of Hunan China  16-year-old boy, who had fallen ill on January 8, died in the city of Huaihua in the central Hunan province

year 2007 Top ^

May.23 Girl dies from bird flu
. Indonesia Feb.9 New bird flu outbreak. South Korea

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.19 New bird flu outbreak
. Vietnam Jul.19 Indonesia bird flu deaths hit 42 Mar.21 Bird flu kills five   Azerbaijan: WHO: 5 people have died from the H5N1 strain in Azerbaijan since February Feb.24 France confirms bird flu strain Feb.22 EU approves poultry vaccine plan. Belgium Feb.21 Bird flu tests for death  Jakarta: The woman who died in Jakarta had been in contact with chickens infected with the virus Chicken slaughter expanded. India Feb.19 German alarm over bird flu spread. Germany India carries out huge bird cull Feb.18 France confirms presence of H5N1 Feb.16 Slovenia latest to detect bird flu Feb.12 Fears bird flu has spread to humans. Nigeria Feb.11 Deadly bird flu spreads in Europe
   Italy: The deadly H5N1 strain that has killed at least 88 people around the world has been detected in Italy and Greece
Feb.10 UN urges Nigeria bird flu action
Feb.9 Nigeria plans huge bird flu cull Feb.8 Deadly bird flu found   Nigeria: A highly pathogenic strain of the H5N1 virus has been found in poultry stocks, the first case of the disease in Africa Jan.17 Donors to boost bird flu effort. Beijing Jan.12 Pandemic warning as bird flu spreads. Turkey Jan.11 Turkish bird flu 'may be endemic'   Turkey: FAO: The virus could become endemic in Turkey and poses a serious risk to neighboring countries Jan.10 2 more bird flu deaths. Southern China Jan.9 Human bird flu spreads. Turkey Jan.8 Bird flu team probes cases. Turkey Three new bird flu cases Map of Ankara Turkey
   Turkey: 2 children and an adult, who were hospitalized in the capital, Ankara, have tested positive
Jan.5 Third 'bird flu' death in Turkey Jan.4 Dead boy had bird flu   Turkey: A 14-year-old is the first known human death from the illness outside of China and Southeast Asia Jan.1 Bird flu suspect dies
   Turkey: A 14-year-old boy was one of 6 people tested for bird flu, and his sister was in a critical and worsening condition

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.21 Bird flu shows resistance to Tamiflu   Vietnam: 2 patients died after developing resistance to Tamiflu, the key drug that governments are stockpiling Nov.16 First human bird flu cases confirmed   China: China reported its first three confirmed human cases of bird flu as the government raced to vaccinate the poultry Nov.9 $1bn sought in world bird flu fight
. Switzerland Nov.3 New bird flu outbreaks. China Oct.25 New bird flu outbreak. China Oct.18  Bird flu declared 'global threat' Oct.16  Romania works to contain bird flu strain Oct.15 Romania has deadly bird flu virus
  The deadly H5N1 strain that has infected humans in Asia has spread to Europe
Oct.14  EU holds bird flu crisis meeting Oct.13 Bird flu 'is deadly strain'   Turkey: The H5N1 strain has been found in Turkish poultry and is likely present in Romania May.21  Bird flu emergency declared Apr.1  N. Korea works to contain bird flu Mar.27  N.Korea confirms bird flu outbreak Jan.30  Bird flu deaths increase

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Feb.19  Cats, leopard die from bird flu Feb.4  Bird flu kills 2 more children Feb.3  UN: Don't panic on bird flu Urgent bird flu summit  Rome: Health experts are meeting as fears rise the illness may have reached Europe Jan.25 Bird flu claims first Thai victim   Thailand: One of two boys sick with the virus died Jan.23  6th bird flu death Jan.22  Human bird flu confirmed Jan.16 WHO: 4th death linked to bird flu
   Vietnam: The latest fatality is a 5-year-old boy from Nam Dinh province

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.21  Bird flu spreading

year 2001 Top ^

May.20 Hong Kong puts lid on bird flu  Thousands of birds to be killed in more than 130 markets. Buddhist monks are praying for the lost souls