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Pollution linked to one in six deaths

year 2017
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  Pollution linked to one in six deaths  Pollution has been linked to nine million deaths worldwide in 2015, a report in The Lancet has found. Bangladesh and Somalia were the worst ... 2016 was the hottest year on record -- again  Last year was officially the Earth's warmest since record-keeping began in the 1880s, the World Meteorological Organization announced World wildlife 'falls by 58% in 40 years' Zika outbreak fuelled by mosquito control failure, says WHO boss Superbugs will 'kill every three seconds'  Superbugs will kill someone every three seconds by 2050 unless the world acts now, a hugely influential report says Billion people face global flooding risk by 2060, charity warns Zika virus: Up to four million Zika cases predicted   Three to four million people could be infected with Zika in the Americas this year, the World Health Organization predicts Worries grow over humanitarian impacts of 'strongest El Nino'  The strongest El Nino on record is likely to increase the threat of hunger and disease for tens of millions of people in 2016 aid agencies s... Halving of malaria deaths celebrated World on course for warmest year   his year is in the running to be the hottest globally and for the UK since records began, early estimates show   Ebola outbreak: World Bank chief appeals for volunteers   Jim Yong Kim has appealed for thousands of medical workers to volunteer and help contain the growing Ebola outbreak in West Africa Ebola crisis: No impact from pledges of help World wildlife populations 'plummet'   US ship finds hull of missing yacht   The hull of the missing UK yacht Cheeki Rafiki has been found in the North Atlantic ocean by a US Navy warship, the US Coast Guard has said Greenhouse gases near record 39.6 million tons in 2013 CO2 causing oceans to acidify at 'unprecedented' rate Warming gases reach record high  According to the (WMO), the levels of gases in the atmosphere that drive global warming increased to a record high in 2012 Global drought causes major worries Malaria toll 'is twice as high' New record in world CO2 emissions Passive smoking 'kills 600,000' H1N1 public health emergency over Russian spaceship fails to dock American teenage sailor rescued  Abby Sunderland who ran into problems trying to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world has been rescued in the Indian Ocean Jump in number of global swine flu deaths Flu kills four pilgrims. Saudi Arabia   US declares swine flu 'emergency'  Washington: resident Barack Obama has declared swine flu a national emergency and signed the proclamation concerning the 2009 H1N1 outbreak   WHO declares swine flu pandemic

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Apr.20  Zika virus: 2.2 billion people in 'at risk' areas
Feb.12  Polluted air causes 5.5m deaths a year

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Dec.7  Iran swine flu outbreak kills 33
Jan.16  2014 confirmed as warmest on record
Jan.1  Most cancer types 'just bad luck'

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Dec.10  Superbugs to kill 'more than cancer'
Dec.9  WHO: Ebola 'running ahead of us'
Nov.14  'Major milestone' in polio battle
Oct.30  Doctors Without Borders decries quarantine
Sep.8  Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984
Sep.5  One suicide every 40 seconds: WHO report

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Sep.9  China set to provide first swine flu vaccine
Jul.2  WHO warns swine flu 'unstoppable'
Jun.29  Swine flu 'shows drug resistance'
  The World Health Organization raised the alert to its highest level, saying the virus has spread to enough countries to be considered a global pandemic
 30,000 cases globally and 141 deaths with figures rising daily. The swine flu virus is spreading in at least two regions of the world with rising cases being seen in the UK, Australia, Japan and Chile
Jun.10  UN set for swine flu crisis talks Jun.9  Australia flu 'may tip pandemic' May.22  Candidate virus for H1N1 vaccine arrives May.19  Number of H1N1 cases nears 10,000 May.9 WHO reports big jump in swine flu cases May.8  'Flu' hotel guests free May.5  U.S. marks second swine flu-linked death May.4  'H1N1 flu no worse than regular flu' U.N. wary of second wave of swine flu. UN  Mexico to begin lifting flu curbs May.3 WHO warns against flu complacency     WHO: cases of H1N1 virus now at 787
  The number of swine flu cases worldwide now stands at 787 with two additional deaths reported in Mexico.    The pigs may have been infected by a Canadian fa...
May.2 Mexico plea as virus 'stabilises' Number of confirmed H1N1 cases soars May.1  China moves to curb virus spread     'Flu' hotel sealed off   Hong Kong: About 300 people have been placed under quarantine after a guest there became China's first confirmed swine flu case Apr.30 Mexico shuts down to control flu
  Mexico is beginning a 5-day shutdown of parts of its economy in a bid to slow the spread.    Non-essential government ...
  Confirmed swine flu cases leap  World Health Organization: Confirmed cases worldwide increased to 257, up significantly from the previous day's total of 147  Confirmed swine flu cases increases  EU urged not to panic over swine flu Apr.29   WHO raises pandemic alert   Geneva: The World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert to 5, its second-highest level, warning of widespread human infection from the outbreak   First U.S. swine flu death confirmed   Texas: A 2-year-old child became the first fatality in the United States, while more European countries announced confirmed cases of the disease Apr.28 City shuts down venues due to swine flu. Mexico 152 swine flu deaths. Mexico Apr.27   WHO raises swine flu alert level  The World Health Organization has raised its alert level over swine flu from 3 to 4 - 2 steps short of declaring a full pandemic  'Too late' to contain swine flu Countries take steps to prevent outbreak. European Union Apr.26  World 'well prepared' for virus Apr.25 Suspected Mexico flu toll hits 81   WHO: Mexico flu 'a potential pandemic'   The presence of swine flu in Mexico and the U.S. is 'a serious situation' that could develop into a pandemic Apr.24 Swine flu viruses in Mexico, U.S. match. New York  Mexico bid to contain deadly flu   'Swine flu' kills 60 Map of Mexico City Mexico
  Mexico: The World Health Organization says it suspects flu has killed 60 people and infected 800 others; majority of the cases were in the capital
 The new virus strain is a type of influenza A (H1N1) virus, commonly called the swine flu. By the end of April, 300 schools had closed across the U.S. and the Mexican government ordered a multi-day shutdown of all non-essential activities in the government and private sector, amounting to a shutdown of most of the economy

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Oct.6  Mammals facing extinction threat Sep.23   China's tainted milk scare spreads globally
  African governments have stopped importing Chinese dairy products as the crisis spreads
Aug.5  Nearly 1/2 world's primates face extinction

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Apr.6  Billions face climate change risk

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Dec.1  World AIDS Day: calls for strategies Jan.16  Donors asked for bird flu funding

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Dec.1 Controversy clouds World Aids Day
Nov.21  Global moves to combat flu threat Apr.12   Labs ordered to destroy flu virus  4,000 laboratories in 18 countries have been asked to destroy samples that were accidentally included in testing kits