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Snow plow driver, 4 others held over Moscow plane crash Total oil company CEO dies in Moscow plane crash Map of Vnukovo Airport Russia  The CEO of French oil giant Total SA Christophe de Margerie was killed when his corporate jet collided with a snow removal machine at Vnukovo Airport Iran plane crash near Tehran kills 38   At least 38 people were killed when a small passenger plane crashed near the Iranian capital Tehran, state media reports Jet disaster averted in Barcelona near-miss Russian plane crashes kills 32   A Russian passenger plane carrying 43 people has crashed shortly after take-off in Siberia. 11 survivors have been taken to hospital   Airliner with ice hockey team in fatal crash Map of Yaroslavl Russia  An airliner carrying members of a major league ice hockey team has crashed shortly after taking off killing 43 people Russia grounds all Tu-154Bs after fire Russian band in plane fire drama Ethiopian airliner crashes; 90 on board   The Boeing 737-800 was thought to have gone down after takeoff from Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut at 2:27 a.m. Pilot saves 5 after ditching plane in sea Bird strike confirmed in crash Airplane crash-lands into Hudson River
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Fire Main Event: Virgin Atlantic flight back...
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B. 2016-12-03 Body remains recovered after Indonesia police plane with 13 disappears Sumatra
C. 2016-10-29 Canadian PM plane returns to Ottawa shortly after takeoff Ottawa, Canada
3. 2016-10-28 O'Hare plane fire: American Airlines jet aborts take-off O'Hare airport, Chicago
4. 2016-05-26 More than 300 people on board Korean Air plane evacuated over engine fire Haneda Airport, Tokyo
2016-02-14 Virgin Atlantic flight back in UK after 'laser incident' Heathrow, London
6. 2016-02-14 Brazil: passenger plane engine catches on fire, no injuries Brasilia, Brazil
H. 2015-12-16 Air India worker 'sucked into aircraft engine' in Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji, Mumbai
I. 2015-12-06 Actor Morgan Freeman in plane scare
J. 2015-11-04 S. Sudan plane crash: Dozens killed near Juba airport Juba, Southern Sudan

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Body remains recovered after Indonesia police plane with 13 disappears Canadian PM plane returns to Ottawa shortly after takeoff O'Hare plane fire: American Airlines jet aborts take-off
Sat.   Sumatra
Oct.29   Canada
Oct.28   Chicago


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Body remains recovered after Indonesia police plane with 13 disappears  Rescuers in Indonesia have recovered body parts in the sea where a police plane with 13 people aboard is believed to have crashed after takeoff Canadian PM plane returns to Ottawa shortly after takeoff   Justin Trudeau's plane has returned to Ottawa shortly after taking off because of mechanical issues O'Hare plane fire: American Airlines jet aborts take-off   The Boeing 767 bound for Miami blew a tyre and damaged an engine on the runway of Chicago's O'Hare airport while taking off More than 300 people on board Korean Air plane evacuated over engine fire Virgin Atlantic flight back in UK after 'laser incident' Brazil: passenger plane engine catches on fire, no injuries Air India worker 'sucked into aircraft engine' in Mumbai Actor Morgan Freeman in plane scare S. Sudan plane crash: Dozens killed near Juba airport Several hurt after plane engine catches fire in Florida Small plane crashes into bakery in Colombia's capital Delta Air Lines evacuates plane, aborts takeoff after report of fire BA fire report suggests engine casing breach British Airways plane catches fire in Las Vegas   A British Airways plane bound for London has caught fire at the airport, forcing the evacuation of 172 people on board on emergency slides Iberian flight lands in Buenos Aires after hitting birds Taiwan TransAsia pilot shut wrong engine   Aviation regulator has released data showing the pilot of a plane which crashed in Taipei had switched off the working engine after the other... Indonesia transport plane crash death toll rises Map of Medan Indonesia  Indonesian officials say 122 people are now known to have been on board a military Hercules C-130 plane which crashed in a residential area of Medan Airbus military plane crashes near Seville airport   At least four people have been killed in a military plane, a new Airbus A400M, crash near Seville airport in Spain US pilot, Chinese passenger killed in light aircraft crash Alaska Airlines plane 'flew with worker trapped' TransAsia crash: Flights cancelled to train Taiwan pilots Problems with both engines before TransAsia crash 35 dead as plane crashes into Taiwan river Map of Keelung river Taipei Taiwan

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Sat.   Sumatra

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Oct.29   Canada
Oct.28   Chicago

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May.26   Tokyo

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Feb.14   London

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Dec.16   Mumbai
Dec.6   Mississippi
Nov.4   Southern Sudan
Oct.29   Florida
Oct.18   Colombia
Oct.12   Jamaica
Sep.10   Nevada
Sep.8   Nevada
Aug.18   Argentina
Jul.2   Taiwan
Jun.30   Sumatra
May.9   Spain
May.3   China
Apr.13   Seattle
Feb.7   Taiwan
Feb.6   Taiwan
Feb.3   Taiwan
  A plane belonging to Taiwanese carrier TransAsia Airways has crash-landed. Ten people were injured. More than 50 people were onboard
 Data from the black box flight recorders retrieved from the wreckage suggests the pilots shut down one engine after the other lost power

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Oct.23   Moscow
Oct.22  Moscow  Total plane crash driver 'got lost'
Oct.20   Moscow
Oct.7  Ireland  Ryanair planes' wingtips hit each other at Dublin Airport
Sep.13  Malaysia  Malaysia Airlines flight to India forced to turn back to due to autopilot defect
Sep.11  Dominican Republic  Small executive jet is missing after taking off
Aug.10   Tehran
Jul.7   Barcelona
Jul.1  Kenya  Cargo plane with 4 on board crashes in Nairobi
Jun.30  Jamaica  Delta jet returns to Jamaica after fluid leak
Jun.28  London  No injuries after 2 Ryanair jets collide on ground at airport
Jun.1  Boston  Philadelphia Inquirer's Lewis Katz dies in plane crash
Apr.20  Malaysia  Malaysia Airlines jet turns back after gear fails
Mar.22  Queensland  Skydivers killed in Australia crash

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Dec.23  Johannesburg  British Airways plane clips building
Nov.11  Bahamas  4 U.S. citizens die in Bahamas plane crash
Oct.3  Nigeria  Plane crashes after Lagos take-off
Jul.7  Alaska  NTSB: 10 killed in Alaska plane crash
Jun.11  Japan  Japanese carrier's Boeing 787 has engine problem
May.31  London  Plane's unlatched covers led to fire, emergency landing
Apr.29  Afghanistan  7 killed in US cargo plane crash at Afghan base
Feb.9  Belgium  Fatal crash closes Charleroi airport

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Sep.29  Nepal  19 dead as plane crashes after hitting eagle
Sep.27  Nepal  Plane crashes in Nepal capital
May.30  Toronto  Hot plane debris falls over Canada
Apr.1   Siberia

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Oct.18  Botswana  Plane crash killed 8 Europeans
Sep.7   Russia
Jan.2   Russia
Jan.1   Siberia

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Nov.5  Karachi  22 killed in Pakistani plane crash
Jan.26  Beirut  Ethiopian pilot was told to change course
Jan.24   Lebanon

year 2009 Top ^

Feb.6   Australia
Feb.4  New York  Birds hit both Hudson jet engines
Jan.18   New York
Jan.17  New York  New pictures show plane crash
Jan.16  New York  Hunt for crash plane's engines
Jan.15   New York
  A US Airways plane with 155 people on board went into a chilly river, apparently after striking birds upon takeoff from LaGuardia Airport.    The flight's captain was Chesley B. Sullenberger III, 57, of Danville, California, a former U.S. Air Force captain. All 150 passengers, 3 flight attendants and 2 pilots were rescued,...

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Oct.9  Madrid  Wing flaps blamed in crash Aug.24   Kyrgyzstan Plane crash kills 70 people   An Iran-bound Boeing 737 with 90 people on board crashed just outside the airport in Kyrgyzstan's capital, killing dozens of passengers Aug.22  Madrid  Plane burst into flames after runway skid Aug.20   Madrid 153 dead in Madrid plane crash
  19 people survived when the passenger plane swerved off the runway at Barajas airport but some are in critical condition.    Later wing flaps blamed in crash. The left engine caught fire as the Spanair flight JK 5022 sflight took off for the...
Aug.5  California  Helicopter crash killed 9 May.25  Belgium  Boeing 747 splits in two on take off Apr.16   Congo Plane crash kills 38; others missing   Rescue workers were still searching for 20 people, a day after a plane crashed into a busy market Apr.15  Congo  Air crash kills more than 80 Feb.22   Guam B-2 stealth bomber crashed

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Oct.4   Congo Plane crash kills 30
Aug.9  Polynesia  14 killed in French Polynesia air crash Jul.5  Mexico  9 die as jet careens onto highway

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Oct.29   Nigeria Sultan among crash dead   Boeing 737, with 104 on board, crashed near the Abuja airport shortly after takeoff and burst into flames Jul.10  Pakistan  Plane crash kills 45

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Oct.22   Nigeria Jet has crashed after takeoff   The Boeing 737 with 116 people on board disappeared from radar shortly after taking off from Lagos Sep.4   Indonesia Jet crashes on take-off, 143 killed
Jul.17  Equatorial Guinea  Plane crashes

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Nov.20   China 53 die in plane crash
Jan.2   Egypt Airliner crashes into Red Sea  No survivors likely. A charter with 152 people aboard, most of them French tourists, crashed shortly after takeoff

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.26  Benin  111 killed in plane crash Jul.7   Sudan Plane crash kills 115
Mar.6   Algeria Plane crashes, killing 102 Jan.8  USA  Commuter plane crash kills 21

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Nov.10  Manila  Passenger plane ditches into Manila Bay Aug.30  Brazil  Plane crash leaves 24 dead Jul.28  Moscow  14 die in airport crash

year 2000 Top ^

Jul.25   Paris   Concorde crash kills 113
  Fuel tanks were ruptured by bursting tyres on 6 separate occasions before the fatal accident
before year 2000
Aug. 19, 1980   Saudi Arabia Saudia Flight 163 disaster
Map of Riyadh Air Base Saudi Arabia
  The flight caught fire after takeoff from Riyadh International Airport (now the Riyadh Air Base) on a flight to Jeddah
Mar. 27, 1977   Spain Tenerife airport disaster Map of Tenerife North Airport Canary Islands Spain
  The fatal runway collision between two Boeing 747s killed 583 people. KLM flight tried to take off while the Pan Am flight was still on the runway