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Brazil dam burst engulfs homes in Minas Gerais Map of Mariana Minas Gerais Brazil
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B. 08-18 Deadly South Asia floods affect 16m people Nepal
2. 08-13 Nepal floods: Elephants deployed in rescue efforts Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal
D. 07-05 Floods in southern Japan force hundreds to flee; 2 dead Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan
4. 06-18 US Navy calls off search for 7 missing sailors Yokosuka, Tokyo
5. 05-28 Sri Lanka races to rescue flood victims before rain resumes Baddegama, Sri Lanka
G. 05-08 Four feared dead in British Columbia and Quebec floods Western Canada
7. 04-02 Australia floods: House washed away after family's rescue
04-01 Colombia landslides: Over 200 die in Putumayo floods Putumayo, Colombia
J. 03-04 Somalia: 110 dead from hunger in past 48 hours in drought Bay, Somalia

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Colombia landslides: Over 200 die in Putumayo floods
Apr.1   Colombia


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Deadly South Asia floods affect 16m people Nepal floods: Elephants deployed in rescue efforts   Colombia landslides: Over 200 die in Putumayo floods   Hours of heavy rains overnight caused rivers to burst their banks, flooding homes with mud in Putumayo province West Virginia deadly floods: Hundreds rescued, 23 dead Map of West Virginia USA  Hundreds of people stranded by floods have been rescued in West Virginia, with the death toll now standing at 23, officials say Louvre to close as Seine rises further   The world's most visited museum, the Louvre in Paris, is to close on Friday amid worsening flooding caused by days of torrential rain   Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay flooding displaces 150,000 Map of Asuncion Paraguay

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Fri.   Nepal
Aug. 13   Nepal

July 2017 ... more > Top ^
Jul.5  Japan  Floods in southern Japan force hundreds to flee; 2 dead

June 2017 ... more > Top ^
Jun.18  Tokyo  US Navy calls off search for 7 missing sailors

May 2017 ... more > Top ^
May.28  Sri Lanka  Sri Lanka races to rescue flood victims before rain resumes
May.8  Western Canada  Four feared dead in British Columbia and Quebec floods

April 2017 ... more > Top ^
Apr.2  Queensland  Australia floods: House washed away after family's rescue
Apr.1   Colombia

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Mar.4  Somalia  Somalia: 110 dead from hunger in past 48 hours in drought

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July 2016 ... more > Top ^
Jul.6  China  Heavy flooding in China leaves 181 dead or missing

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Jun.25   Mid-Atlantic states
Jun.24  Mid-Atlantic states  Twenty people die in West Virginia floods
Jun.2  Paris  Paris floodwaters set to peak as more rain forecast

April 2016 ... more > Top ^
Apr.3  NW Pakistan  Rain, floods kill 36 in northwest Pakistan

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Dec.26  Paraguay  Flooding 'worst in 50 years', as 150,000 flee
 Northern England  UK floods: Homes evacuated amid heavy rain
Dec.25   Paraguay
  More than 150,000 people have been driven from their homes by some of the worst flooding in years
Dec.1  Southern India  Chennai hit by fresh rain and deadly flooding
Nov.5   Brazil
  More than a dozen people are feared dead after a dam holding back waste water from an iron ore mine in Brazil burst, flooding nearby homes
Oct.23  Mexico  Hurricane Patricia: Major risk of floods and landslides Sep.10   Japan City of Joso hit by 'unprecedented' rain Aug.1   Myanmar Heavy rains in Myanmar cause more severe flooding Jun.14   Georgia Deadly floods bring fear over escaped zoo animals   Tigers, lions, a hippopotamus and other animals escaped from the zoo in Georgia's capital after heavy flooding destroyed their enclosures May.29   Dallas Death toll from floods in Texas and Oklahoma reached 24  Dozens of people are rescued in the state of Texas. 3 missing with another 15 people dead from tornadoes in northern Mexico and Texas May.25  Texas  Texas and Oklahoma flooding: Three dead Jan.17  Malawi  Malawi: Deadly floods menace tens of thousands

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Dec.26  Malaysia  Severe flooding hits Malaysia's east Sep.7  Kashmir  Nearly 300 dead due to flooding in India, Pakistan Sep.4  Kashmir  Bus carrying wedding guests swept away by stream; 70 missing Jun.19  Bulgaria  10 die in flooding in Bulgaria after heavy rain Jun.8  India  Indian students 'swept away' by water in Himachal Pradesh May.17   Bosnia   Thousands flee, 25 die in record Balkan floods
Map of Maglaj Bosnia  Packed into buses, boats and helicopters, tens of thousands fled their homes in Bosnia and Serbia to escape the worst flooding in a century Feb.12   England Storm with 106-mph gusts slams flooded Britain Map of Somerset Levels United Kingdom  The latest round of bad weather slammed into west coast with torrential rain. Trucks were toppled, trees were felled

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Aug.27  Mexico  Mexico mudslides and floods kill 14 Jun.22   Western Canada Floods kill 3, force 75,000 from homes in Calgary
Jun.21   India   Death toll in Uttarakhand 'passes 500' Map of Uttarakhand India  The death toll from flooding and landslides following heavy monsoon rains in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand has passed 500 Jun.20  Western Canada  Flooding in Canada may force 100,000 from homes Jun.19  India  Pilgrims stranded by floods in India, deaths could rise Jun.12   Eastern Germany Floods sweep through Central Europe Jan.27  Queensland  Flooding hits eastern Australia

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Oct.29   New Jersey   Severe flooding as Sandy strikes
  A major storm bringing torrential rain, high winds, flood surges and heavy snow has made landfall on the east US coast
Sep.29  Pakistan  Hundreds killed in Pakistan flooding Jul.14   Japan Thousands flee Japanese floods
Jul.7  North Caucasus  Dozens killed in Russia flooding

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Dec.22   Southern Philippines Floods: More than 1,000 remain missing
Dec.18  Southern Philippines  Death toll from storm tops 650 Nov.6  Thailand  Death toll in Thailand floods passes 500 Oct.28  Thailand  Bangkok facing 'perfect storm' Oct.26  Thailand  Floodwaters force closure of airport Oct.20   Thailand   Thai flooding threatens capital   Thais waded through flooded streets, their belongings and children perched on their shoulders Sep.13   Pakistan Floods kill more than 200 in Pakistan   Heavy rains and flooding in Pakistan's southeastern Sindh province has killed some 226 people over the past month Aug.31  Washington  Obama declares floods disaster in NC & NY Jun.17   Southern China Deadly floods hit China May.14  Louisiana  Key Mississippi floodgates opened Jan.15  Rio de Janeiro  Death toll rises to 549 in Brazil flooding Jan.13   Rio de Janeiro Thousands in peril in Brazil flooding   Thousands of families living on mountain slopes face risk of being washed away in the heavy rains and flooding that have killed nearly 500 p... Jan.12   Queensland Brisbane flood levels reach peak
Map of Brisbane Australia  The city of Brisbane has woken to widespread flooding, although the peak level is a meter lower than feared  Rio de Janeiro  Flooding reportedly claims 260 lives Jan.10  Queensland  Australia floods menace Brisbane  Queensland  8 dead, 70 missing in flash flood Jan.4   Queensland City Rockhampton hitting flood peak Jan.3  Queensland  Australian floods 'to last weeks' Jan.2  Queensland  Supplies flown to Queensland city Jan.1  Queensland  Australia facing 'biblical' flood

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Dec.28   Queensland Flood chaos forces mass evacuations  North-eastern Australia's worst flooding in decades is continuing to cause chaos across the region Sep.24  Northern Nigeria  Flooding displaces more than 2 million Aug.29  Niger  Niger flooding displaces nearly 200,000 Aug.26  Pakistan  Pakistan urges 500,000 new evacuations Aug.22   Pakistan Disease threat follows Pakistan floods
Aug.19  Pakistan  Floods leave 4 million homeless Aug.15  Pakistan  U.N. chief urges faster aid to Pakistan Aug.14  Pakistan  U.S. helicopters arrive to assist relief   Pakistan Pakistan says 20m hit by floods Aug.11  Pakistan  Desperation as flood misery grows Aug.7  Pakistan  More rain threatens to worsen floods Aug.6  NW Pakistan  Pakistan floods 'hit 14m people' Aug.5   NW Pakistan Spreading Pakistan floods hit 4m Aug.2  NW Pakistan  'Millions' hit by Pakistan floods Aug.1  NW Pakistan  Disease fear after Pakistan flood   NW Pakistan   More than 1,100 dead in flooding
  Another 30,000 people were stuck on their rooftops and in higher areas as they tried to escape rushing floodwaters
 About 30,000 troops have joined the relief effort, with large parts of the north-west submerged by the worst monsoon rains in memory
Jul.31  NW Pakistan  Pakistan flooding death toll reaches 800 Jul.30  NW Pakistan  Deaths rise in South Asia monsoon Jun.11  Southern U.S.  Floodwaters hit campsites, leave 16 dead Apr.6   Rio de Janeiro Rains, flooding kill 200 in Brazil   About 287 people have been rescued, and others were trapped under mudslides caused by the rain Feb.21   Portugal Flood rescuers search streets and houses
Feb.20   Portugal Madeira floods and mudslides kill 43   After torrential rains 63 others were reported have been injured on the Atlantic island, which is popular with foreign tourists

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Sep.26   Manila Dozens dead in floods
Sep.8   West Africa 600,000 hit by flooding May.28   Brazil Dam bursts after more rain Mar.27  Jakarta  Suburban 'tsunami' kills 77

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.27   Brazil Death toll climbs in flooding
Aug.31  Bihar  Floods cut off thousands Aug.27   Bihar Flooding kills dozens, ruins 225,000 homes

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Nov.2   Mexico Floods strand 300,000; more rain ahead   Rescuers in boats and helicopters worked to evacuate people stranded by a flood, one of the worst natural disasters' to hit Mexico Sep.15   West Africa Flood misery hits arc of Africa   An estimated one million people across Africa have been hit by rains which have destroyed crops, burst dams and left dozens dead Aug.13  North Korea  'Hundreds dead' in floods Aug.7  India  Millions face flood disease threat Aug.3   India Millions flee 'worst ever' floods  United Nations: the worst flooding in living memory. More than 1,000 people have been killed or injured by waters Jul.23   England UK fights worst floods in 60 years
Jun.29  Pakistan  800,000 hit by South Asia floods Feb.4   Jakarta Floods: 340,000 homeless

year 2006 Top ^

Jun.22  Indonesia  Flood toll passes 200 May.21  China  Flooding traps 57 in mine Apr.15  Serbia  Swollen Danube threatens Balkans

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.25  India  Flood bus plunges kill 75 Aug.24   Romania Floods cause havoc across Europe
Jul.31   Mumbai Floods toll reaches 1,000 Jun.23  Southern China  Flood death toll 'over 500'

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.22   Haiti Jeanne leaves more than 1,050 dead
Sep.7  China  Flood deaths mount to 143 Jul.13  Bangladesh  Flood havoc mounts in South Asia May.27   Haiti 1,000 people feared dead in flood town

year 2002 Top ^

Aug.22   Southern China Million people battling lake
Aug.15  Eastern Germany  Dresden evacuated as waters rise Aug.13   Czech Republic Prague floods surge to new peaks

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.10  Algeria  Hundreds dead in floods Feb.25  Mozambique  80,000 at risk from floods

year 2000 Top ^

Mar.14  Mozambique  Floods move deadly mines
before year 2000
Jul. 1, 1931   China Central China floods of 1931
Map of Nanjing China
  Estimates of the total death toll range from 145,000 to between 3.7 million and 4 million. In July alone rain totaling over 2 feet