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New York buildings collapse after explosion   Mexico City gas truck explodes near maternity hospital   A gas tank lorry has exploded outside a maternity and children's hospital in Mexico City, killing at least 7 people - including 4 babies China factory blast kills at least 65    At least 65 people were killed Saturday by an explosion at an eastern Chinese automotive parts factory that supplies General Motors Gas explosions kill 20, injure hundreds Explosion at mine in western Turkey left 200 workers dead Map of Soma Manisa Turkey
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B. 2018-01-15 Antwerp: Belgium building collapses in explosion Paardenmarkt, Antwerp, Belgium
2017-11-23 Sound detected in search for missing sub consistent with non-nuclear explosion Valdez peninsula, Argentina
D. 2017-10-07 Ghana gas station explosions kill number of people Legon, Accra, Ghana
4. 2017-09-27 Thousands evacuated in Ukraine after ammunition explosions Kalynivka, Ukraine
5. 2017-09-03 Frankfurt WW2 bomb defused after mass evacuation Westend, Frankfurt, West Germany
6. 2017-09-02 Frankfurt hospitals evacuated before WW2 bomb disposal Frankfurt, West Germany
H. 2017-06-07 India fireworks blaze kills 23 in Madhya Pradesh Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, Central India
I. 2017-05-10 Mexico village mourns victims of deadly fireworks blast San Isidro, Puebla, Mexico
J. 2017-04-01 18 injured in accidental blast at French carnival Villepinte, Paris

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Sound detected in search for missing sub consistent with non-nuclear explosion

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Nov.23   Argentina


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Antwerp: Belgium building collapses in explosion   Sound detected in search for missing sub consistent with non-nuclear explosion Map of Valdez peninsula Argentina  A sound detected in the search for a missing ARA San Juan with 44 crew members aboard is consistent with a non-nuclear explosion Frankfurt hospitals evacuated before WW2 bomb disposal   Dozens killed in Mexico fireworks blast   An explosion at a fireworks market outside Mexico City has killed at least 29 people. 70 others were injured as the blast hit the fireworks ... SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch Petrochemical plant blast kills 3, injures more than 136 Map of Coatzacoalcos Veracruz Mexico  An explosion ripped through a petrochemical plant on the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, sending flames and a toxin-filled cloud into the air India Kerala: Temple fireworks blast kills at least 100   An explosion and blaze sparked by fireworks have killed at least 100 people at a Hindu temple in the Indian state of Kerala Nigeria gas explosion kills more than 100 people 89 dead after twin explosions in India China Tianjin explosions: Premier Li Keqiang visits scene Evacuations as sodium cyanide found Chemical specialists sent to Tianjin Casualties in Tianjin port city explosions Map of port Tianjin China
Jan.15   Belgium

year 2017 Top ^

Nov.23   Argentina
Oct.7  Ghana  Ghana gas station explosions kill number of people
Sep.27  Ukraine  Thousands evacuated in Ukraine after ammunition explosions
Sep.3  West Germany  Frankfurt WW2 bomb defused after mass evacuation
Sep.2   West Germany
Jun.7  Central India  India fireworks blaze kills 23 in Madhya Pradesh
May.10  Mexico  Mexico village mourns victims of deadly fireworks blast
Apr.1  Paris  18 injured in accidental blast at French carnival
Feb.13  Southern China  8 dead, 3 missing after central China coal mine blast

year 2016 Top ^

Dec.27  Bangkok  Facebook Safety Check creates false alarm in Bangkok
Dec.20   Mexico
Dec.11  Bulgaria  Death toll in Bulgaria tanker train explosion rises to 8
Dec.10  Kenya  Kenya Naivasha: 30 dead as fireball engulfs traffic on road
Nov.30  Southern India  15 feared dead in explosives factory fire in India
Nov.17  Mozambique  Mozambique: Scores killed in fuel truck blast
Oct.31  Southern China  Chinese coal mine rescue bit after deadly blast
Oct.1  Spain  Scores injured in gas explosion near Malaga, Spain
Sep.15  Bali  Two tourists killed, 20 injured in Bali boat explosion
Sep.1   Florida
Jun.21  Libya  Libya conflict: Mystery blast kills dozens in western town
Apr.20   Mexico
Apr.9   Southern India
Mar.21  Mexico  3 reported killed in blast at Mexico fireworks factory
Feb.28  Russia  Russian mine accident leaves 36 dead
Feb.8  North Mexico  Gas blast injures 5 migrants held captive in Mexico house
Jan.14  Brazil  Explosion unleashes toxic gas in Santos, Brazil

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.24   Nigeria
Sep.12   Central India
Aug.26  China  Tianjin blast: 11 officials suspected of negligence
Aug.16   China
 China  Chinese chemical blasts: 112 dead, 95 still missing
Aug.15   China
Aug.14  China  Anger over missing firefighters as port death toll reaches 85
Aug.13   China
Aug.12   China
  Massive explosions have hit a warehouse storing dangerous and chemical goods in the port area, leaving at least 17 dead and hundreds more injured
 Pictures and video showed flames lighting up the sky, and buildings are said to have collapsed
Apr.6  Southern China  China paraxylene chemical plant hit by explosion
Mar.26   Manhattan
Mar.4  Donbass  33 bodies recovered from eastern Ukraine mine disaster
Jan.29   Mexico

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.26  Southern China  11 killed in second deadly coal mine explosion in as many days
Sep.27  Guinea-Bissau  20 dead when minibus strikes land mine
Sep.9  West Germany  Injuries in Germany chemical blast
Aug.1   Shanghai
Jul.31   Taiwan
Jun.26  Southern India  Indian gas pipeline explosion kills 14 people
May.13   Turkey
  The blast, followed by a fire, occurred at a coal mine. A huge rescue operation is under way to reach hundreds more trapped miners.    Oxygen is being pumped into the privately owned mine....
Mar.13  Manhattan  Rescuers comb New York blast site Mar.12   Manhattan Three killed in NY buildings blast Jan.25  Congo  Many dead in DR Congo blast caused by lightning Jan.9  Japan  5 killed, 12 injured in explosion at chemical plant in Japan Jan.3  West Germany  Bulldozer driver killed by unexploded WWII device Jan.1   Czech Republic Palestinian diplomat dies in blast

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.23   China Death toll in China oil pipeline blast rises to 52 people   Rescuers have found more bodies at the scene of oil pipeline blasts in eastern China, in one of the country's worst industrial accidents this... Nov.22  China  Pipeline explosion kills 22 in China, report says Oct.24  North Mexico  Mexico factory blast 'injures many' Aug.13   Mumbai Indian submarine hit by explosion
  At least 18 sailors are feared to be trapped on board an Indian submarine that caught fire after an explosion in a Mumbai dockyard Jul.10  Canada  Canada blast missing 'probably dead'  Canada  Sixty dead or missing after Lac-Megantic train blast Jul.8  Canada  Searchers comb Quebec blast site Jul.6   Canada   Fuel train explodes in Canadian town
Map of Lac-Megantic Canada
  A train carrying petrochemicals has exploded in Lac-Megantic, forcing the evacuation of up to 1,000 people
Jun.3   Northeast China Explosion, fire reportedly kill 119 at poultry plant   An early morning fire at a poultry processing plant in northeast China killed at least 119 people. Another 54 workers were injured. May.24  Pakistan  Pakistan school bus gas blast kills 17 children May.7  Mexico  Gas tanker explodes in Mexico City Apr.29  Czech Republic  Powerful blast in central Prague Apr.20  Northeast China  China mine blast kills 18, injures 12 Apr.18  Texas  Deadly Texas blast 'like tornado' Apr.17   Texas Explosion at Texas fertiliser plant Map of Waco Texas  Many people are reported to be injured and others are trapped in burning buildings after an explosion at at the West Fertilizer plant near Waco Feb.4  Mexico  Mexico blast 'triggered by gas' Jan.31   Mexico Mexico City blast at Pemex, state oil giant, kills 25 Map of Mexico City Mexico  At least 25 people have died and more than 100 were injured in Mexico City after an explosion at the headquarters of state oil company, Pemex

year 2012 Top ^

Aug.25   Venezuela   Blast halts Venezuela refinery   A huge explosion at the Amuay plant, Venezuela's biggest oil refinery, has killed at least 24 people and halted production for two days Mar.4   Congo Ammo dump explodes in Congo, killing 60
Jan.25   Rio de Janeiro High-rise collapses with reports of 11 dead  Two buildings -- one a 20-story building and the other 10 stories -- collapsed in the historic center of Rio de Janeiro

year 2011 Top ^

Sep.12  Southern France  Explosion reported at French nuclear site Jul.10  Cyprus  Blast at Zygi naval base munitions dump Jun.16  Israel  Gas explosion kills 4 in Israel Mar.28  Yemen  Ammo factory blast kills at least 121 Mar.14   Northern Japan New blast at Japan nuclear plant
Mar.13  Northern Japan  Explosion at Japan nuclear plant Mar.11   Northern Japan Huge blast at nuclear power plant

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.18   New Zealand Miners missing after explosion
Nov.14  Yucatan  6 dead in Mexico resort explosion Jul.4  Congo  Mourning declared after tanker blast Jul.3  Congo  Fuel truck victims buried in mass graves   Congo Hundreds killed in oil tanker explosion Apr.21   Louisiana   Oil spill after blast on oil rig
  A 'catastrophic' explosion aboard an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico engulfed the drilling platform in flames
 At least 11 missing after blast. Massive oil spill is the largest offshore spill in U.S. history and among the largest oil spills in history. The spill stemmed from a sea-floor oil gusher
Feb.7  Connecticut  Power plant blast 'causes mass casualties'

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.4   Ural 152 killed in nightclub blast and fire   An explosion at a nightclub killed at least 101 people and injured at least 140 others. The preliminary theory was use of pyrotechnical devi... Aug.18   Siberia 62 still missing after blast at plant
Jun.29   Northern Italy 14 die in Italian Riviera train-gas blast Jun.20  China  Factory blast kills at least 16 May.9  Moscow  Gas blast causes fire

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.26  Crimea  27 dead after apartment blast Aug.31  China  15 dead in fireworks blast Mar.15  Albania  4 dead, 170 injured in blast

year 2007 Top ^

Mar.23  Mozambique  Arms depot blast kills 93

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.26   Nigeria Pipeline explosion kills at least 260   A massive explosion and fire ignited as crowds carried away buckets of fuel from a tapped fuel pipeline Nov.21  Poland  Mine blast kills eight; 15 missing May.12   Nigeria Oil pipeline explosion kills up to 200

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.11   England Fuel depot blasts injure dozens
Sep.23   Texas Evacuee bus explodes as Rita closes May.2  Afghanistan  '28 die' in munitions blast

year 2004 Top ^

Sep.11   North Korea Big blast reported
Apr.22   North Korea Many casualties in train crash  2 trains carrying flammable materials have exploded in a station and leaves up to 3,000 people dead or injured Apr.17  Southern China  Mass evacuation in Chongqing Mar.16  Russia  58 dead in apartment blast Feb.18   Iran Train blast destroys villages, 300 killed

year 2003 Top ^

Aug.2  Pakistan  Village blast kills 52 Feb.21  New York  Blast hits oil plant Feb.2  Nigeria  'Many dead' in Lagos blast

year 2002 Top ^

Dec.31   Mexico New Year fireworks blast kills 28
Aug.9  Afghanistan  26 killed in explosion in Jalalabad Mar.6  Kabul  5 peacekeepers die in blast Jan.28   Nigeria Lagos blasts leave 500 dead  killed as a result of a series of huge explosions at an army munitions dump

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.21   Gaza 4 children die in explosion
Sep.21  Southern France  Factory blast kills 17 Aug.31   Tokyo Tokyo explosion and fire kills 44 Mar.7  China  School explosion killed 41
before year 2000
Dec. 3, 1948   Shanghai SS Kiangya disaster
Map of Huangpu River China  A Chinese passenger steamship that blew up near the mouth of the Huangpu River 50 miles (80 km) north of Shanghai on 3 or 4 December 1948 May. 6, 1937   New Jersey Explosion of the Hindenburg Map of Lakehurst New Jersey New Jersey
  The German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed during its attempt to dock. Of the 97 people on board, 35 died