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Gorbachev: World on brink of new Cold War China warns on 'illegal' HK protests Obama says Ebola outbreak a 'global security threat' Obama threatens action in Syria   EU sets Russia sanctions ultimatum   The EU has given Russia one week to reverse course in Ukraine or face new sanctions. EU was working urgently on further restrictive measures   Ukraine crisis: EU 'must act on Russia aggression'
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B. 11-29 Top German spy warns of political cyberattacks, Russia links Berlin
2. 11-17 Trump election: Baltic warning over Russian move on Nato Lithuania
3. 09-12 US flies bombers over South Korea in show of force South Korea
06-26 China warns Brexit will 'cast shadow' over global economy Beijing
F. 06-20 Iran warns Bahrain after Shia cleric stripped of citizenship Iran
6. 06-18 German minister warns Nato against 'warmongering' Berlin
H. 04-24 President Sisi urges Egyptians to 'defend state' ahead of protests Cairo
8. 04-24 Kurdish PKK warns Turkey of long fight for freedom Ankara, Turkey

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Top German spy warns of political cyberattacks, Russia links Trump election: Baltic warning over Russian move on Nato Nuclear terrorist attack would 'change our world', says Obama North Korea threatens US and S Korea with nuclear strikes
Tue.   Berlin
Nov. 17   Lithuania
Apr.1   Washington
Mar.6   North Korea


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Top German spy warns of political cyberattacks, Russia links  Germany's foreign intelligence chief is warning of cyberattacks aimed at political destabilization as the country prepares for an election next year   Trump election: Baltic warning over Russian move on Nato   Lithuania has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin may test Nato in the weeks before Donald Trump becomes US president China warns Brexit will 'cast shadow' over global economy German minister warns Nato against 'warmongering'   Nuclear terrorist attack would 'change our world', says Obama   The threat from terrorists trying to launch a nuclear attack that would 'change our world' is real, President Barack Obama has said   North Korea threatens US and S Korea with nuclear strikes  North Korea has warned of 'indiscriminate' nuclear strikes on the US and South Korea as they begin their largest ever military drills Turkey warns Russia not to 'play with fire' over downed jet   Netanyahu warns US over Iran deal

November 2016 ... more > Top ^
Tue.   Berlin
Nov. 17   Lithuania

September 2016 ... more > Top ^
Sep.12  South Korea  US flies bombers over South Korea in show of force

August 2016 ... more > Top ^
Aug.26  UN Security Council  China joins UN in condemning North Korea ballistic missile tests

June 2016 ... more > Top ^
Jun.26   Beijing
Jun.20  Iran  Iran warns Bahrain after Shia cleric stripped of citizenship
Jun.18   Berlin

April 2016 ... more > Top ^
Apr.1   Washington

March 2016 ... more > Top ^
Mar.12  Washington  Obama warns against campaign anger
Mar.6   North Korea

February 2016 ... more > Top ^
Feb.17  Turkey  Ankara blast: Turkey vows retaliation for bomb attack

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November 2015 ... more > Top ^
Nov.27   Turkey

October 2015 ... more > Top ^
Oct.4  Damascus  Assad warns of Mid-East destruction

August 2015 ... more > Top ^
Aug.28  UN  Migrant deaths: UN warns of 'crisis of solidarity'

July 2015 ... more > Top ^
Jul.11  Brussels  Debt crisis: Eurozone predicts tough talks

June 2015 ... more > Top ^
Jun.17  Athens  Greece says deal on debt crisis unlikely at talks
Jun.5  Greece  Tsipras tells lenders not to humiliate Greece over debt

April 2015 ... more > Top ^
Apr.8  Washington  US warns Iran over 'support' for Yemen Houthi rebels

March 2015 ... more > Top ^
Mar.3   U.S. Congress
  In a speech to US Congress the prime minister has warned that a deal under discussion on Iran's nuclear program could 'pave its way to the bomb'

February 2015 ... more > Top ^
Feb.21  Athens  PM Alexis Tsipras warns of 'difficulties'
Feb.17  Washington  US warns Russia as UN backs ceasefire deal
Feb.10  Washington  US warns Putin before Ukraine talks

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.21  Washington  US mulls putting NK on terror list
Nov.19  North Korea  North Korea responds to UN with nuclear test threat
Nov.14  Queensland  Obama warns of Asia 'intimidation'
Nov.12  Myanmar  Obama warns of Myanmar 'backsliding'
Nov.8   Berlin
Oct.1   Beijing
Sep.24  UN Gen. Assembly  Ukraine warns West against lifting Russia sanctions
Sep.16   Washington
Sep.10   Washington
Aug.30   Brussels
  EU leaders are meeting in Brussels to discuss the crisis in Ukraine, threatening to impose fresh sanctions against Russia
Aug.29   Berlin Ukraine 'slipping out of control', Germany warns Aug.27  Berlin  Ukraine crisis: Russia pressed over fresh fighting Aug.23  Northern Iraq  UN warns of possible Amerli 'massacre' Aug.22  Washington  Russian convoy prompts Western anger Aug.21   Washington Islamic State militants pose 'biggest threat' to US Aug.9  Washington  Iraq crisis: No quick fix, Barack Obama warns Jul.28   Jerusalem Israel PM Netanyahu warns of 'prolonged' Gaza campaign Jul.19  London  Cameron in new EU sanctions warning to Russia over plane Jun.4   Brussels G7 warns Russia of fresh sanctions May.23   Highway 2014 Pro Russian Conflict in Ukraine Putin warns of civil war in Ukraine as election looms Apr.10   Highway 2014 Pro Russian Conflict in Ukraine Putin warns Europe of gas shortages Apr.9   Kiev Ukraine in 48-hour ultimatum to east's pro-Russia activists Mar.5   Paris   Top diplomats seek Ukraine solution   Western powers increased pressure on Russia to talk to the new government in Kiev in a bid to ease tensions over Russia's intervention in Cr... Feb.25  Kiev  Ukraine leader warns of separatism Jan.26  Kiev  Ukraine justice minister in state of emergency warning

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.20  North Korea  North Korea threatens to 'strike South Korea mercilessly' Sep.3  Moscow  President Putin warns US over Syria action Jul.27  Cairo  Egypt protesters 'to be dispersed' Jul.2  Egypt  Egypt teeters on brink of overthrow Jul.1   Cairo   Egypt's Morsi rebuffs army ultimatum   President Mohammed Morsi has rejected the army's 48-hour ultimatum to resolve the country's deadly crisis, saying it will only sow confusion Apr.16  North Korea  North Korea: We won't give any warning Apr.9   South Korea South Korea raises alert level   South Korea has raised its surveillance alert level amid indications that North Korea is preparing for a medium-range missile test Apr.5   North Korea N Korea in foreign embassy warning
Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  North Korea has told foreign embassies in Pyongyang it cannot guarantee their safety in the event of conflict, and to consider evacuating employees
Mar.31  South Korea  Park vows 'strong response' to North Mar.28   North Korea N Korea 'readies rocket force'  North Korea says it has put missile units on stand-by to attack US targets in response to US stealth bomber flights over the Korean peninsul... Feb.5   Tokyo Japan PM condemns China radar act  Japan's prime minister has called the decision by a Chinese frigate to put a radar lock on a Japanese navy ship a 'dangerous act' Jan.24   North Korea N Korea warns South on sanctions Jan.22   North Korea N Korea nuclear vow after UN acts

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.16   Japan   Japan's Abe warns on road ahead
  Shinzo Abe says his party has a 'heavy responsibility' following its landslide victory in Sunday's elections Dec.3  Washington  Obama warns Assad against attacks Aug.31  Washington  Ex-SEAL warned over bin Laden book Aug.20   Washington   Obama warns Syria on chemical arms
  President Barack Obama has said the use of chemical weapons by Syria would be a 'red line' that would change his thinking on intervention in the crisis Jun.25  UN Security Council  Turkey warns of Syrian 'threat' Mar.5  Washington  Netanyahu: Time running out on Iran

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.28   Gulf U.S.: Iran blocking Hormuz unacceptable'
Nov.29  London  UK warns Iran over embassy attack Oct.29  Syria  Syria's Assad warns Western powers Aug.29   Libya Rebels give Gadhafi loyalists ultimatum Mar.20  Libya  Gaddafi vows 'long war' in Libya Mar.18   Tribal Areas Calls for revenge after US drones kill 40 Map of North Waziristan Pakistan  Tribal leaders in the Pakistani region have vowed revenge against the US after drones killed more than 40 people near the Afghan border Feb.20   Libya Libyan leader's son warns of 'civil war'

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.31   Ivory Coast Military threat against Ivory Coast
Dec.30  Ivory Coast  I Coast attack 'may restart war' Dec.23   North Korea N Koreans 'ready for sacred war' Nov.26  Washington  US warns allies on possible leaks Nov.24  North Korea  N. Korea warns of new attacks Nov.23  South Korea  S. Korea leader calls for 'retaliation' Mar.14  Thailand  PM rejects protest ultimatum Feb.6  Iran  Iran warning against protests

year 2009 Top ^

Sep.20   Afghanistan US in Afghanistan failure warning
Sep.14  Washington  Obama issues warning to bankers May.27  Washington  U.S. warns N. Korea of 'consequences' May.26   North Korea N Korea threatens military action  North Korea has warned of a military response after S. Korea joined an anti-proliferation exercise which allow it to search the North's ships Apr.22  Washington  Clinton: Pakistan in danger Apr.13  UN Security Council  U.N. condemns N. Korean rocket launch Apr.2  North Korea  N. Korea warns against targeting rocket Mar.14   Madagascar President Ravalomanana defies ultimatum Mar.9  North Korea  N. Kor. Warns against satellite interception Feb.1  Jerusalem  Israel vows tough rocket response

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.1   USA U.S. warned India of maritime attack
Oct.28  North Korea  North Korea will turn South into 'debris' Aug.15   Washington Bush warns Russia over Georgia 'bullying' Jul.10  Tel Aviv  Israel 'ready to act' over Iran Jun.16  London  Bush and Brown in warning to Iran Jun.15  Kabul  Karzai issues warning to Pakistan Jun.9  European Union  US and EU 'to issue Iran warning' Mar.26  Baghdad  Ultimatum as cease-fire in jeopardy Feb.14  Beirut  Hezbollah chief: Israel faces 'open war' Feb.8  Moscow  Putin vows 'arms race' response Jan.16  London  Russia warned over 'intimidation' Jan.1  Pakistan  Bhutto had vote warning for U.S.

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.5  Washington  US warns Pakistan over emergency Sep.16   Paris France warning of war with Iran   Foreign minister Kouchner says the world should prepare for war over Iran's nuclear program Aug.22   Washington Bush issues Vietnam warning over Iraq
Jun.3   Moscow   Putin warns Europe in missile row  Russian President: Moscow may target weapons at Europe if the US builds missile defence facilities in the region May.25  Lebanon  Hezbollah leader warns Lebanese army Mar.31  Washington  Bush attacks Iran over captives Mar.27  London  Blair warns Iran of 'different phase'

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.26   Jordan King warns of civil wars   Abdullah has warned that 3 civil wars could break out unless the international community takes urgent action

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.30   Lebanon   Ex-VP: Assad threatened Lebanese PM
  Former Syrian Vice President Abdul-Halim Khaddam said that Rafik Hariri was threatened by Syria
Nov.6   Paris Chirac vows to punish rioters
Aug.12  Washington  Bush warns Iran on nuclear plans Feb.15  Washington  US warns Syria over Lebanon role

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.18  Jerusalem  Israel warns of unilateral moves Dec.9  Washington  Blunt Bush message for Taiwan Apr.14   Syria   Pressure mounts on Syria  U.S. and British are accusing Syria of developing chemical weapons and warning not to harbor members of Saddam's regime Mar.17   Washington   Bush: Saddam has 48 hours to leave Iraq
  U.S. President gave Iraqi President 48 hours for him and his sons to leave Iraq before military action begins