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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford 'may have tumour' Merkel fractures pelvis in ski fall   Israel ex-PM Sharon 'critically ill'  The condition of Israel's former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - who has been in a coma since 2006 - is now critical, 'with some danger to life'   Mandela returns home from hospital   Former South African President Nelson Mandela has returned unannounced to his home in Johannesburg after a long stay in hospital Kate Middleton in labour as world waits   The Duchess of Cambridge is in labour, as the world's media gathers outside the hospital awaiting news of the latest addition to the Royal family Mandela critical, but his health improved overnight   Mandela critically ill in hospital Map of Pretoria South Africa  Nelson Mandela has become critically ill in hospital. President Jacob Zuma said he had visited Mr Mandela and spoken to his wife and medical teams   Nelson Mandela back in hospital Map of Pretoria South Africa  Nelson Mandela has been admitted to hospital with a lung infection, the office of South African President Jacob Zuma says   Mandela 'responding positively' in hospital  Former South African President Nelson Mandela is 'responding positively' to treatment for the recurrence of a lung infection, the presidency says Queen Elizabeth II leaves hospital Chavez suffers new severe infection   Queen Elizabeth II hospitalized Map of King Edward VII Hospital United Kingdom  Queen Elizabeth II was hospitalized after experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis. The queen was taken to the hospital 'as a precautionary measure'   Venezuela's Chavez finally returns home
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B. 2016-06-09 Silvio Berlusconi to have heart surgery Milan
C. 2015-12-06 Jimmy Carter says his brain cancer is gone Plains, Georgia, US Georgia
2015-08-12 Jimmy Carter, former US president, reveals he has cancer Atlanta, US Georgia
E. 2015-06-03 New photos of Kim Jong Un show dictator's weight gain North Korea
F. 2015-05-31 John Kerry breaks leg in bicycle crash in France Scionzier, Southern France
G. 2015-03-16 Putin laughs off absence rumours Moscow
H. 2015-03-13 Kremlin posts images of Putin after health rumors Moscow
I. 2014-12-06 Obama given CT scan at hospital for sore throat
J. 2014-11-04 Kim Jong-un seen walking unaided North Korea

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Leader Health Problem, 21st Century, Time by Location
European Union South Africa
05/31 John Kerry breaks leg in bicycle crash in France
South Africa
2015 2015
South Africa
European Union
2014 2014
European Union
South Africa
2014 2014
South Africa
07/22 Kate Middleton in labour as world waits
03/04 Queen Elizabeth II leaves hospital
03/03 Queen Elizabeth II hospitalized
08/30 Mandela returns home from hospital
06/27 Mandela critical, but his health improved overnight
06/23 Mandela critically ill in hospital
06/07 Nelson Mandela back in hospital
03/28 Mandela 'responding positively' in hospital
06/04 Illness forces Prince Philip to miss concert
12/26 Nelson Mandela out of hospital
12/15 Mandela in hospital after surgery
12/08 Mandela in hospital for tests 'consistent with his age'
02/25 Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital
12/23 Prince Philip in hospital after chest pain
South Africa
2011 2011
South Africa
European Union
2010 2010
European Union
South Africa
2010 2010
South Africa
07/26 Sarkozy hospitalized after jogging scare
South Africa
2009 2009
South Africa
European Union
2008 2008
European Union
South Africa
2008 2008
South Africa
European Union
2006 2006
European Union
South Africa
2006 2006
South Africa
European Union
2005 2005
European Union
South Africa
2005 2005
South Africa
11/05 Arafat 'stable' - French doctors
11/05 Arafat on life support
11/04 Arafat 'in critical condition'
10/30 Questions swirl around Arafat's health
South Africa
2004 2004
South Africa

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Silvio Berlusconi to have heart surgery Jimmy Carter, former US president, reveals he has cancer John Kerry breaks leg in bicycle crash in France   Kim Jong-unís absence fuels speculation about health, coup

June 2016 ... more > Top ^
Jun.9   Milan

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.6  US Georgia  Jimmy Carter says his brain cancer is gone
Aug.12   US Georgia
Jun.3  North Korea  New photos of Kim Jong Un show dictator's weight gain
May.31   Southern France
Mar.16  Moscow  Putin laughs off absence rumours
Mar.13  Moscow  Kremlin posts images of Putin after health rumors

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.6  Washington  Obama given CT scan at hospital for sore throat
Nov.4  North Korea  Kim Jong-un seen walking unaided
Oct.28  South Korea  South Korea has solved mystery of Kim Jong Un's 6-week absence
Oct.17  Brazil  Brazil leader 'dizzy' after debate
Oct.10  Moscow  Gorbachev reportedly leaves hospital
Oct.9   North Korea
  North Korea's mysterious leader Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for 34 days, sparking a wide range of speculation
Oct.4  Bangkok  Thai king hospitalized with high fever
Sep.10   Toronto
Feb.2  Kiev  President Viktor Yanukovych returns to work
Jan.20  New Delhi  Minister's wife 'overdosed on drugs'
Jan.17  New Delhi  India minister Shashi Tharoor taken to hospital
Jan.12  Paris  French First Lady in Paris hospital
Jan.6   Switzerland
Jan.3  Tel Aviv  Former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's condition worsens
Jan.2   Tel Aviv
Jan.1  Tel Aviv  Ariel Sharon's health deteriorates

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.17  South Africa  Mandela 'still unable to speak'
Oct.7  Argentina  Argentine president to have surgery
Aug.30   South Africa
Aug.14  Cuba  Fidel Castro 'surprised to be alive'
Aug.6  Dallas  George W Bush has heart stent operation
Jul.30  Cairo  Ousted Egypt president 'in good health'
Jul.22   London
Jun.27  Johannesburg  All-night prayer vigil for Mandela
  South Africa
Jun.26  South Africa  Zuma visits Mandela and cancels trip
 South Africa  Ailing Mandela on life support, official says
Jun.24  South Africa  Mandela 'still critical in hospital'
Jun.23   South Africa
Jun.15  South Africa  Nelson Mandela 'recovering well'
Jun.7   South Africa
Apr.6  Johannesburg  Mandela discharged from hospital
Mar.31  South Africa  Nelson Mandela's condition 'improves'
Mar.28   South Africa
Mar.4   London
Mar.3   London
Feb.18   Venezuela
  President Hugo Chavez announced his return to Venezuela from Cuba early Monday, where he had been undergoing cancer treatment
Jan.3   Cuba   Chavez battling 'severe' lung infection  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is battling a 'severe' lung infection that has caused respiratory failure, a top official said Jan.2   Venezuela Venezuelan opposition demands Chavez details

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.30   Cuba   Chavez suffers new complications  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has suffered 'new complications' after a cancer operation in Cuba, his vice-president has said Dec.26   Johannesburg Nelson Mandela out of hospital  Former President Nelson Mandela has been discharged from a hospital and will continue receiving treatment at his home in Houghton Dec.15   Johannesburg Mandela in hospital after surgery   Nelson Mandela on Saturday morning underwent endoscopic surgery to have gall stones removed, President Zuma's office said in a statement Dec.12  Venezuela  Chavez 'faces difficult recovery' Dec.11   Cuba   President Chavez's cancer surgery 'successful'  Surgeons in Cuba have successfully operated on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to remove cancerous tissue, says his Vice-President Dec.8   South Africa Mandela in hospital for tests 'consistent with his age'
Oct.21   Cuba Fidel Castro appears in public Jun.19   Cairo   Egypt's Mubarak 'close to death'  Reports from Cairo say former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is critically ill and may be close to death Jun.4   London Illness forces Prince Philip to miss concert Feb.26  Johannesburg  Mandela discharged from hospital Feb.25   Johannesburg Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital Feb.17   Tokyo Akihito heart surgery 'a success' Jan.28  USA  Yemen's president arrives in US Jan.7   Argentina No cancer after all for Argentine president

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.27  Argentina  Argentine president has cancer Dec.23   London Prince Philip in hospital after chest pain
Oct.29  Brazil  Lula diagnosed with throat cancer Jul.17  Sinai  Hosni Mubarak 'in a coma' Jul.15  Venezuela  Chavez plans more Cuba treatment Jul.1  Venezuela  Chavez illness sparks power struggle Jun.30   Venezuela Chavez tells of cancerous tumour Jun.7   Saudi Arabia   Yemen's Saleh 'gravely wounded'  Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh was more seriously injured in a rocket attack on his compound last week than thought Jun.4   Saudi Arabia   Yemen's Saleh 'in Saudi Arabia   Yemen's president Ali Abdullah Saleh has flown to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, a day after he was wounded Apr.12   Sinai Ex-President Mubarak 'has heart attack' Jan.27  Johannesburg  Mandela spends 2nd night in hospital Jan.9  Arizona  Shot US congresswoman 'doing well'

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.11  Washington  US envoy Holbrooke in 'critical condition' Oct.19  London  Former PM Thatcher hospitalized Feb.23   Nigeria President Umaru Yar'Adua 'returns home'
Feb.11   New York Clinton was on 'frenetic pace'

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.13  Milan  Berlusconi 'will need weeks to recover' Sep.20  Thailand  Thai king hospitalized Aug.23  Cuba  New photo shows healthier Fidel Castro Jul.26   Paris   Sarkozy hospitalized after jogging scare  French President was taken to the Val de Grace military hospital for medical tests after falling ill while exercising near Paris Jul.8   North Korea Kim Jong Il frail at father's memorial
Mar.7  Botswana  Zimbabwe PM seeks Botswana care

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.10  North Korea  N.Korea denies Kim health 'conspiracies' Sep.9   North Korea   Kim missing from parade
Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  There is growing speculation about the health of Kim Jong-il, 66, after he failed to attend a huge martial parade in Pyongyang
Aug.31  Mumbai  Dalai Lama due to leave hospital May.23  USA  McCain bid to reassure on health May.17  Boston  Edward Kennedy taken to hospital Jan.11   Indonesia Suharto suffers 'alarming' decline Jan.5   Indonesia Suharto rushed to hospital

year 2007 Top ^

Sep.12  Japan  Abe treated for exhaustion May.23  Cuba  Castro says his health 'improved'

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.26   Cuba Castro's ailment 'is not cancer'
Dec.3   Chile Pinochet has heart attack Nov.3  Tel Aviv  Hospital: Sharon taken to intensive care Aug.1  Cuba  TV: Castro says health 'stable' Jul.31   Cuba   Castro hands power to brother
  President Fidel Castro was undergoing a surgery and provisionally handed over power to his younger brother Raul
 Cuban television: Fidel Castro's health situation is 'stable' and he is in 'good spirits' The message from Castro said: 'In the Cuban situation, based on plans of the empire, my health becomes a secret of state that cannot be divulged constantly'
Jul.26  Tel Aviv  Sharon taken to intensive care Jul.23   Baghdad Hunger-strike Hussein in hospital
Feb.11  Jerusalem  Sharon is 'critical but stable' Jan.7  Jerusalem  Sharon's condition critical but stable Jan.6   Jerusalem Sharon stable after 3rd brain operation Jan.5  Jerusalem  Critical Sharon remains in coma  Jerusalem  Sharon to remain sedated after stroke Jan.4   Jerusalem   Sharon fights for life after stroke
  Prime Minister was suffering what his doctor called a 'significant' stroke. His powers were transferred to Ehud Olmert
 Doctors diagnosed a cerebral hemorrhage, or bleeding from a blood vessel in the brain. Sharon underwent 6 hours of surgery that appeared to stop the bleeding in his brain. The stroke plunged the country into political uncertainty

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.20  Jerusalem  Sharon leaves hospital Dec.19  Jerusalem  Doctor: Sharon to make full recovery Dec.18   Jerusalem   Sharon hospitalized after mild stroke  Israeli Prime Minister was expected to remain in the hospital briefly for observation. He had difficulty speaking

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.18  Chile  Pinochet 'suffers stroke' Nov.13  Washington  Cheney taken to hospital for tests Nov.5  Paris  Arafat remains in critical state  Paris  Arafat 'stable' - French doctors  Paris  Arafat on life support Nov.4  Paris  Arafat 'alive but gravely ill'   Paris   Arafat 'in critical condition'  Palestinian leader is at a Paris military hospital after drifting in and out of consciousness throughout the night Nov.3  Paris  Arafat's health 'suffers setback' Oct.30  Paris  Questions swirl around Arafat's health Oct.28  West Bank  Arafat to get treatment in France Oct.27  West Bank  Officials deny Arafat's condition critical Sep.30  England  Blair to undergo heart treatment