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Myanmar swears in first elected civilian president Map of Naypyidaw Myanmar
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Main Event: Donald Trump inagurated
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B. 2017-05-14 France inaugurates Emmanuel Macron as new president
C. 2017-05-09 South Korea's Moon Jae-in sworn in vowing to address North South Korea
D. 2017-03-14 Francois Fillon placed under formal investigation Paris
E. 2017-02-17 Scott Pruitt: Trump environment nominee sworn in Washington
2017-01-20 Donald Trump inagurated Washington
G. 2016-05-19 Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen sworn in as first female president Taipei, Taiwan
H. 2016-03-29 Myanmar swears in first elected civilian president Naypyidaw, Myanmar
I. 2015-09-03 Guatemala swears in new president after Perez Molina resigns GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala
J. 2015-01-26 Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as new prime minister Athens

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  France inaugurates Emmanuel Macron as new president   The president of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, proclaimed the official result of the vote in a ceremony Sunday at the Elysee presidential... South Korea's Moon Jae-in sworn in vowing to address North   Moon Jae-in has been sworn in, vowing to address the economy and relations with the North in his first speech as president   Donald Trump inagurated

year 2017 Top ^

May.14   Paris
May.9   South Korea
Mar.14  Paris  Francois Fillon placed under formal investigation
Feb.17  Washington  Scott Pruitt: Trump environment nominee sworn in
Jan.20   Washington
  Donald Trump has taken his first steps as president, signing an executive order which targets the signature health care reforms of his predecessor

year 2016 Top ^

May.19  Taiwan  Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen sworn in as first female president
Mar.29   Myanmar
  Htin Kyaw from the National League for Democracy (NLD) is due to be sworn in, the first elected civilian leader in more than 50 years

year 2015 Top ^

Sep.3   Guatemala Guatemala swears in new president after Perez Molina resigns
Jan.26   Athens Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as new prime minister Jan.5  California  US governor sworn in for fourth term

year 2014 Top ^

Sep.8   Baghdad Iraq swears in unity government
Jun.8   Cairo Egypt leader hails 'historic moment' Jun.7   Kiev   Poroshenko sworn in and sets out peace plan Map of Verkhovna Rada Kiev Ukraine  Petro Poroshenko has been sworn in as president of Ukraine, setting out a plan to bring peace to the conflict-torn east of the country Jun.2  West Bank  Abbas swears in unity government Jun.1  El Salvador  Ex-rebel becomes El Salvador leader May.26  New Delhi  Narendra Modi sworn in as Indian prime minister May.21  New Delhi  India invites Pakistani leader to swearing-in Feb.22  Rome  New Italian government sworn in Jan.12  Bangladesh  Sheikh Hasina sworn in as Bangladesh PM

year 2013 Top ^

Sep.17  Australia  Abbott sworn in as Australia leader Aug.22  Zimbabwe  Mugabe sworn in for seventh term Aug.4   Tehran Rouhani takes over as Iran's president   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has urged the West to drop sanctions and treat Tehran with respect, during his inauguration speech to parli... Jul.14  Cairo  Egypt swears in interim leaders Apr.30   Netherlands Dutch King Willem-Alexander sworn in
  Willem-Alexander has been sworn in as king of the Netherlands following the abdication of Queen Beatrix.    He became the country's first king since 1890 when his 75-year-o...
Apr.19  Venezuela  Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro sworn in Apr.8  Kenya  New Kenya president to be sworn in Mar.30  Jordan  Jordanian king swears in government Mar.8   Venezuela Venezuela swears in acting president   Venezuela's former vice-president Nicolas Maduro has been sworn in as acting president hours after the state funeral of Hugo Chavez Feb.24  South Korea  Park sworn in as S Korea president Jan.21   Washington Inauguration: Obama tells US to 'seize the moment'
Jan.20   Washington   Obama sworn in as US president Map of White House USA
  Barack Obama has officially been sworn in for his second term as US president in a small ceremony at the White House
Jan.8   Venezuela Chavez will not be sworn in on inauguration day Jan.4  Venezuela  Chavez 'can rule without oath'

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.2  Mexico  Sworn-in president cites two Mexicos Oct.26  Milan  Berlusconi to appeal in tax case Jun.30   Cairo   Morsi sworn in as Egypt's leader   Mohammed Morsi has been sworn in as Egypt's first civilian, democratically elected president at a historic ceremony in Cairo Jun.29  Cairo  Egypt's Morsi hails Tahrir crowds May.15   Paris Hollande at swearing in: Discourage 'exorbitant' incomes
May.7  Moscow  Putin sworn in as president amid protests May.2  Myanmar  Myanmar's Suu Kyi takes oath of office Apr.7  Malawi  Banda sworn in as Malawi leader Jan.14  Guatemala  New Guatemalan president sworn in

year 2011 Top ^

Nov.16  Rome  Monti officially becomes Italy's PM Nov.11   Greece Greece swears in unity coalition
May.29  Nigeria  President Goodluck Jonathan inaugurated May.21   Ivory Coast Inauguration marks end to turmoil Jan.15   Tunisia Tunisian swears in interim president

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.4   Ivory Coast Ivorian crisis as rivals sworn in
  The incumbent Laurent Gbagbo took the oath to serve a new term, but within hours Alassane Ouattara also laid claim to the presidency Jun.29   Manila Aquino sworn in as Philippines president
Mar.11   Chile   Pinera sworn in as president  Sebastian Pinera has been sworn in as president, minutes after it was hit by the largest aftershock since devastating earthquake

year 2009 Top ^

Nov.19   Kabul Hamid Karzai sworn in for second term
Nov.5  Paraguay  New military brass sworn in Aug.5   Tehran   Ahmadinejad sworn in   With hundreds of protesters gathering and riot police out in force on the streets, hardline President took the oath of office Jul.1  Panama  Supermarket tycoon sworn in as president May.9   South Africa Zuma sworn in as South Africa's president Mar.31   Jerusalem Netanyahu sworn in as Israeli PM Mar.21   Madagascar Opposition leader becomes president  After two months of political turmoil, Andry Rajoelina was inaugurated in front of thousands of supporters as Madagascar's president Feb.11   Zimbabwe Tsvangirai sworn in as PM   Opposition leader was sworn in as prime minister of Zimbabwe as part of a new unity government Jan.31  Moscow  Orthodox Church enthrones leader Jan.20   Washington   President Obama sworn into history
  Barack Obama launched his presidency before an estimated 1.5 million people on the National Mall with somber yet confident tones
 After being sworn in as the first African-American US leader, President Obama uses his inaugural address to pledge a 'new era of responsibility. He said the country will overcome its serious economic and international challenges

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.2  Zambia  Rupiah Banda sworn in as President Oct.30  Canada  Harper's new Cabinet sworn in Jul.23  Nepal  Nepal's first president sworn in Jun.29   Zimbabwe   Mugabe sworn in after disputed election  President Robert Mugabe was sworn in after the Electoral Commission declared he overwhelmingly won the disputed runoff election Jun.28  Zimbabwe  Mugabe 'preparing to be sworn in' May.27  Brazil  Environment chief sworn in May.7   Moscow Russia swears in new president

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.28   Pakistan Musharraf sworn in for second term
May.16   Paris   Nicolas Sarkozy sworn in as new president   The new president reached out to his political opponents in his inaugural speech, pledging to reunite the country Jan.1   Brazil Lula sworn in to office

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.20  Mexico  Lopez Obrador 'sworn in' Apr.29   Nepal New PM sworn in by king
Jan.22   Bolivia New leader Morales vows change Jan.16   Liberia First Africa woman leader sworn in

year 2005 Top ^

Nov.18  Sri Lanka  President Rajapakse swears in Jun.9   Bolivia Rodriguez sworn in as interim president  The head of Supreme Court is to succeed the outgoing Mesa after two congressional leaders turned the post down Jan.20   Washington   Bush sworn in for second term
  Bush vows to fight world tyranny. President's closest political allies around the world moved to congratulate him Jan.15   West Bank Mahmoud Abbas sworn in

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.7   Kabul Karzai Sworn in as President
May.19   Taiwan President Chen sworn in Jan.25  Georgia  New President Saakashvili sworn in

year 2003 Top ^

Oct.14  Liberia  Leader Sworn In, Calls for Fresh Start Jan.1  Brazil  New president Lula sworn in

year 2002 Top ^

Aug.26  Zimbabwe  Mugabe appoints 'war cabinet' Apr.12  Venezuela  Interim president sworn in Jan.2   Zambia Mwanawasa sworn in

year 2001 Top ^

Jul.23   Indonesia Megawati takes presidency
  Megawati Sukarnoputri has been sworn in as the 5th president after a parliamentary vote to force out Wahid Jun.20   Pakistan Musharraf assumes presidency
Mar.7   Jerusalem Sharon sworn in Jan.20   Washington   Bush sworn in as president
  George W. Bush takes oath as 43rd president. He called for individual responsibility Jan.19   Manila Arroyo replaces Estrada  Congo  Kabila's son to be sworn in

year 2000 Top ^

Oct.7   Serbia Kostunica sworn in as president  Coalition of 18 opposition parties and groups calling itself the DOS, rallied around a constitutional scholar