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Genocide Main Event: Karadzic jailed for Bos...
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2016-03-24 Karadzic jailed for Bosnia war Srebrenica genocide Hague
C. 2015-05-10 Macedonia blames Kosovans for deadly clashes Kumanovo, Macedonia
3. 2014-05-19 Mladic war crimes defence begins Netherlands
E. 2014-01-27 Karadzic and Mladic to appear together at ICTY trial Hague
F. 2012-10-15 Karadzic denies Bosnia war crimes Hague
G. 2012-06-28 Karadzic fails in acquittal bid Hague
H. 2011-09-06 Ex-Yugoslav army chief jailed at Hague UN Tribunal
I. 2011-07-20 Serbia arrests last war crimes fugitive Serbia
9. 2011-06-03 Mladic calls charges against him obnoxious UN Tribunal


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  Karadzic jailed for Bosnia war Srebrenica genocide  Hague: Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has been convicted of genocide and war crimes in the 1992-95 war, and sentenced to 40 years in jail   Macedonia blames Kosovans for deadly clashes   Macedonia says five Kosovans led the armed group which was involved in deadly clashes with security forces in the northern town of Kumanovo Mladic war crimes defence begins. Netherlands Karadzic and Mladic to appear together at ICTY trial. Hague   Karadzic denies Bosnia war crimes   Hague: Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic is to begin his defence at a war crimes court in The Hague Ex-Yugoslav army chief jailed at Hague   UN Tribunal: The UN tribunal at The Hague has sentenced General Momcilo Perisic to 27 years in prison Serbia arrests last war crimes fugitive   Serbian authorities have arrested Goran Hadzic, the last remaining fugitive war crimes suspect sought by the UN tribunal for the ex-Yugoslav...   Mladic calls charges against him obnoxious  UN Tribunal: Bosnian Serb genocide suspect Ratko Mladic dismissed charges against him Friday during his first appearance at a war crimes tribunal Mladic awaits war crimes trial in Hague   Appeal fails; Mladic extradited to Hague  Bosnian Serb genocide suspect Ratko Mladic was in the custody of a U.N. war crimes tribunal after losing his fight against extradition from Serbia Mladic to file extradition appeal   Gen Mladic 'fit to be extradited'   Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic is declared fit to be extradited, despite his lawyers expressing concern about his health   Mladic faces a Belgrade court   Ratko Mladic has appeared in a Serbian court hours after being arrested following 16 years on the run   Mladic arrested after years on the run Map of Vojvodina Serbia

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Jun.28  Karadzic fails in acquittal bid

year 2011 Top ^

 Mladic 'denies Srebrenica role'
  Police have arrested former Serbian military commander Ratko Mladic, the highest-ranking war crimes suspect still at large from the Balkan wars.    Serbian President Boris Tadic: 'Today we arrested Ratko Mladic'. He wa...
Feb.23  Serb jailed for Kosovo killings

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Dec.15 Kosovo PM named in organ theft report  The Kosovo authorities may have stolen organs from prisoners of war and political rivals when the Kosovo Liberation Army was fighting Serbian... Aug.12  Bodies found on lake's shore Mar.1  Trial Karadzic resumed

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Nov.3   Aggressive Karadzic appears at hearing  UN Tribunal: Bosnian war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic launched a full-throated attack on the International War Crimes Tribunal Oct.26   Karadzic boycotts start of trial
  UN Tribunal: Former Bosnian Serb leader has failed to appear at his trial on 11 charges including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity Feb.26 Serb ex-president cleared of war crimes
  UN Tribunal: Milan Milutinovic was Thursday found not guilty of war crimes in Kosovo. 5 other former high-ranking officials were found guilty of similar charges Jan.11  Serbs hang wanted posters for Mladic

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Jul.31   Karadzic appears in war crimes court   Netherlands: Former Bosnian Serb leader appeared in court for the first time Thursday to face charges that include genocide and war crimes Jul.21 Bosnia war criminal Karadzic arrested
  U.N. war crimes tribunal: Former Bosnian Serb president has been arrested after more than a decade in hiding
 Radovan Karadzic, 63, accused of masterminding ethnic cleansing deportations and killings of Bosnian Muslims and Croats. Karadzic was the Bosnian Serb political leader during the 1992-1995 war that followed Bosnia-Herzegovina's secession from Yugoslavia the time of the Srebrenica massacre and the 44-month siege of Sarajevo

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Jun.12 Serb jailed over ethnic cleansing
. UN Tribunal Apr.10 Serbia jails Srebrenica death squad

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Jul.10 Top Serbs tried for Kosovo crimes
. UN Tribunal

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Jun.2 Serbia holds video 'executioners'
  The prime minister has announced the arrest of soldiers shown in a video carrying out executions in 1995 Mar.8 Premier indicted, resigns
. Kosovo

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Jul.6 Milosevic trial to resume
. UN Tribunal Mar.31 Karadzic eludes NATO troops. Bosnia Mar.18 NATO sends more troops to Kosovo Mar.9 War crimes trial test for Serbs Jan.11 Fugitive Karadzic slips NATO net. Bosnia

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Oct.20 Indictments on 4 Top Serb Officers
. UN Tribunal

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Oct.2   Milosevic grills Croat president  UN Tribunal: The trial has witnessed a heated exchange between the Yugoslav ex-President and the Croatian President Stjepan Mesic Feb.12 Milosevic accused of 'medieval savagery'
. UN Tribunal

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Dec.12 Army officer jailed for treason
. France Dec.11   Milosevic refuses genocide plea  UN Tribunal: Former Yugoslav President sat impassively as the genocide charges were read out Oct.29 Milosevic scorns war crimes court. UN Tribunal Aug.30 Milosevic facing genocide charges. UN Tribunal Aug.23 Lawyers demand Milosevic's freedom. UN Tribunal Jul.28 Serbs rally for wanted Karadzic Jul.3 War crimes court charges Milosevic. UN Tribunal Jun.28   Milosevic extradited to Hague
  Belgrade: Former President was taken from a prison in Belgrade, sent to the Bosnia, then arrived at The Hague. Kostunica protested
Jun.23 Milosevic extradition decree May.25 Thousands flee offensive. Macedonia May.23 Yugoslavia returns to buffer zone Apr.11 Milosevic taken to hospital Apr.5 Tribunal serves Milosevic warrant Apr.1 Milosevic to be in custody 30 days. Belgrade Mar.31   Milosevic arrested  Former President arrested after a standoff at his home and taken to prison for questioning on corruption charges
before year 2000
Jun. 11, 1999 Kosovo War ends Yugoslav Wars
  It was fought by the forces of Yugoslavia, which controlled Kosovo before the war, and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)
Jul. 28, 1914   Austro-Hungarians declared war on Serbia Map of Vienna Austria
   Austria: The Serbian Campaign of World War I was fought when Austria-Hungary invaded the Kingdom of Serbia at the outset of World War I